Combined RFID, USN, U-Tech Solution
Combined RFID, USN, U-Tech Solution
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LG CNS provides total information technology services including consulting, solutions, systems and networks to global customers. The company recently implemented large scale public IT infrastructure projects and played a major role in the Korean government's e-Korea initiatives, becoming a strong open market leader along with Samsung. The Korea IT Times interviewed Park Seong-joon, a division leader of the Strategic Business Development Division, to find out LG CNS's distinctive role in Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) Ubiquitous Sensor Networks (USNs).

The majority of LG's services are made in collaboration with other expert solution companies. "Our target is not on developing the RFID original technology.

We apply RFID technology to form a business model or combine RFID related applications to link it to a business model," Director Park Seongjoon began. In fact, LG CNS's applied RFID services are used nationwide currently, including in the Public Procurement Service; marine logistics; u-health and u-resort projects; medical and pharmaceutical product record tracking services; and national defense ammunition management. Mr. Park added: "We have ensured the presence of a business model, capability, and labor units by conducting test businesses in the main areas, pilots, and research and development."

However, he went on to say that the current market is too small and so small firms go into debt from the heavy competition. The focus of LG, therefore, lies in developing a new business model that is based on practical applications of RFID USN. Indeed, LG CNS is well credited for understanding their customer's current business issues suggesting various business model improvements. "The main strength that makes us stand out is that we came up with a solution that combined RFID USN with a comprehensive UTechnology solution. Also, technologically we are on top with guaranteed quality in RFID methodology."

LG CNS is promoting projects in several sectors including the environment, energy, UCP, USD, and surveillance.

In June, for instance, the world's first and largest environmentally friendly integrated energy complex was built in Taeangun, Chungcheonnamdo, to invest in the development of a special zone for integrated energy. LG CNS has provided solutions for marine logistics, too.

They are utilizing RFID technology to sort products and hasten the transportation process.

LG CNS recently opened Sangam IT Center, the largest data center in Korea that is equipped with high-tech facilities to provide clients with stable services, error-free infrastructure, and the best operating systems. "The goal of the RFID USN business team is to develop 2-3 businesses that bring in profits of 100 billion won [US$109 million] each year consistently," Mr. Park said. LG CNS always seeks various ways to approach big business with ubiquitous business models like traffic businesses, u-payment, u-city infrastructure, environmental applications, and energy utilization.

Mr. Park said that LG CNS has a brand slogan, Beyond Promise. "In the short term, we are being active in more than three areas under the goal of being number one globally. The business has legal bases in seven countries around the world including America, Europe, China, and Japan." In fact, LG CNS's foreign business takes up more than 10% of the market amongst other IT service companies. LG CNS is trying to combine high quality U-IT solutions with a reference to develop the global market.

"What makes our company distinct is that we use RFID technology to plan, implement, and maintain. We've had numerous experiences with service models, monitoring, and controlling on a global level. Once again though, we make business models, not relative services, to sell IT services," Mr. Park said. RFID USN is a technology that enables IT services for the future.

Mr. Park noted that government intervention is the key to growing the RFID market. If the government builds a nation-wide ubiquitous sensor network, it will create a strong incentive for market growth beyond the abilities of the private sector to create.

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