Three Themes for Samsung SDS in RFID/USN Korea
Three Themes for Samsung SDS in RFID/USN Korea
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Samsung SDS will participate in the RFID/USN Korea 2007 to be held at COEX, southern Seoul from October 31 to November 2 with three themes.

The three themes to be introduced by Samsung SDS are u-SCM, a RFID-based SCM/logistics efficiency case; u-Space, a USNbased intelligence-type public infrastructure case; and u-Trace, an EPCGlobal certification solution- based EPC logistics information service. Samsung SDS, along with Samsung Techwin, plans to introduce its business power for RFID/USN to the world and show its marketing strategy at the third RFID/USN international exhibition.

The RFID/USN Korea 2007 is designed to help Korean RFID/USN industry gain competitive edge in the global market at an earlier date, revitalize related businesses, enhance technological competitiveness, suggest profitable business models and exchange information on new technologies.

It is also expected to contribute to leading the development and growth of RFID/USN, the core of u-IT 839 strategy driven by the Ministry of Information and Communication that is doing its utmost to help Korea join the ranks of advanced countries through realization of Dynamic u-Korea.

RFID business status of Samsung SDS

Samsung SDS has been actively fostering SCM/logistics field and the public infrastructure field as RFID strategy business sector. It applies technology in the SCM/logistics field to semiconductors of Samsung Electronics and enjoys good effects. Based on this, it plans to complete the global logistics cycle.

In the public infrastructure field, Samsung SDS has been performing four u-IT leading projects driven by the Ministry of Information and Communication, including the project to build the nation's biggest RFID-based state logistics management system propelled by Public procurement Service and u-Sports project.

It also acquired EPCGlobal certification for its RFID middleware (Rubiware) and EPC IS (Rubi IS), core RFID solutions, finishing preparations for offering international standardbased services.

Samsung SDS announced on July 31 that its RFID solution called Rubiware received international certification. Certified by EPCglobal, Rubiware is a software in the RFID system which transfers data from the RFID reader to the legacy system.

Leading the development of global RFID standards, EPCglobal is an international nongovernmental organization that manages Electric Product Code (EPC) embedded into RFID. From the initial stages of development, the Samsung SDS RFID middleware was designed to comply with the EPCglobal ALE 1.0 specification, which is necessary for international certification. Developed based on JAVA, Rubiware is easy to install and operate, and has an integrated control function.

The middleware is a particularly reliable solution, which has proved its excellent performance and stability in RFID projects of Cheil Industries and Samsung Electronics since 2005. Many countries and businesses both home and abroad are very actively adopting RFID system for cost reduction and work efficiency.

Samsung SDS, in particular, helped Samsung Electronics build a global logistics system by applying RFID technology to the semiconductor SCM project.

Samsung SDS is also creating new service models by applying RFID/USN technology to application services such as location, asset and immigration management.

Status of USN Business

Samsung SDS is carrying out USN-based expressway facility management project and the u-Cheonggyecheon project. It has secured technology for management of facilities, management of water quality and water level, location-based solution and USN platform. In the USN-based intelligence-type public infrastructure field, it also secured business models in management of airports, harbors, roads, buildings, bridges, crime prevention, disaster prevention, environment and national defense.

Samsung SDS' plan to contribute to U-World

To provide customers with necessary and differentiated services, Samsung SDS is pushing ahead with development of various u-IT based business models by expanding application of USN technology and actively developing new Device.

Under the vision of "u dream, we create," Samsung SDS is exerting all-out efforts to create a world that people can live conveniently through ubiquitous based u-service.

Contents of major RFID and USN projects by sector Samsung SDS is placing the focus on logistics efficiency by applying logistics cycle to manufacture, logistics, transportation, sales and withdrawal.

It applies it to global spread of semiconductors, LCD and mobile phone sectors, while expanding its application to domestic sales and exports of home appliances in the future.

In the public sector, it plans to persistently participate in the infrastructure building projects that enhance national competitiveness, especially in the state goods management, aviation and harbor sectors.

Results and future business plan Through various RFID/USN projects, Samsung SDS has secured successful cases in the SCM/logistics sector, established standard of public projects, and cemented its status as a leading company, while garnering a variety of application service models.

Based on such experience and technology, Samsung SDS plans a gradual expansion of SCM/logistics in all electronics sector, spread of public infrastructure, and advancement into the application service project using new Device.

In the future, Samsung SDS will expand its business arena to EPC-based logistics information service sector.

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