Robot Unified Platform Initiative
Robot Unified Platform Initiative
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Under the assumption that robots will bring about its demand over PCs, the subject which moves this robot, is in a word software. How fast we supply software will come to decide whether or not Korea will dominate the robot market or not in the years to come.

Such opinion was expressed by Professor Suh Il-hong, PhD, who leads the Robot Unified Platform Initiative (RUPI) propulsion committee under the influence of the Korean governmental Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC).

The propulsion background of the Robot Unified Platform Initiative project is as follows:

First, it is to prevent national resource waste by stopping double investment, followed by software platform development of Intelligent robots.

Second, this Robot Unified Platform Initiative is to facilitate industry activation through Intelligent robot software standard platform development and dissemination.

During an interview with the Korea IT Times on the occasion of the RoboWorld 2007 which will be held on Oct 18 to 21 of this year, Professor Suh said: "The Robot Unified Platform Initiative is to preoccupy the world market of Intelligent robot industry by means of domestic/international standardization initiative."

Fourthly, it is to allow robots to provide diverse convergence services such as information, education, security, and medical treatment by being geared with BcN, WiBro, HSDPA, RFID, and home networking.

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said that robots are the next PC at the beginning of this year. In conjunction with Bill Gates' remarks, Professor Suh predicted: "The popularization of robot software development will serve as a catalyst for activating the domestic robot industry."

Regarding the Initiative's recent activities, Robot Platform Unified Initiative has announced RUPI 1.0 in 2006 centering on the Korea Advanced Intelligent Robot Association (

Through a public hearing at the middle of this October, the Robot Platform Unified Initiative plans to establish a 2.0 standard by the end of this year, according to Professor Suh. Referring to the influence that software standards has exerted on PC and Internet spread in the past, the Professor emphasized: "What Korea establishes swiftly as a robot software standard is a shortcut to preoccupy the Intelligent robot market."

He went on to say that if we forge the robot software standard platform which unites Intelligent robots all over the world, we can also spearhead the robot market similar to how the Internet's explosive spread could not have succeeded but for software standard suchs as HTTP and HTML.

It is said that Japan's and Europe's governmental initiatives for robot software development are brisk nowadays. But a problem is that even if high level robot software standards are developed, its ripple effect into industrial circles is slow because Intelligent robots are not being utilized quickly in those countries.

In such a standpoint, Korea's first robot software development takes the lead in comparison with competing countries too as our first robot software development began for the first time under the initiative of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) in last 2001.

Experts say that because the United States and Japan also began their fullscale commercialization of late in the robot software field, their technology gap with Korea is not big. So in if complete domestic robot software platforms appear soon, it is assessed to serve as a momentum for Korea which will secure a competing superiority over foreign countries as the robot industry changes with priority given to service and content, according to RUPI experts.

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