KES 2013: Opening a Heartwarming Ubiquitous World with Robots
KES 2013: Opening a Heartwarming Ubiquitous World with Robots
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If there was a company that stood out to the spectators at the Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013, it would have to be to Youjin Robot LTD. Recently Youjin Robot LTD. became very popular to the public with their robot vacuum cleaners. Even among the meticulous and smart housewives the robot vacuum cleaner is a must have home appliance. Youjin Robot LTD. was first founded in 1988 as a company specialized in service robots, and in Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013 Youjin Robot LTD catered to the public’s taste by showcasing their new “iCLEBO ARTE”.

The submitted ‘iCLEBO ARTE’ is equipped with an elaborate navigation camera which allows the robot to precisely pinpoint it’s position and calculate cleaning routes without missing any spots. This also helps the robot to separate the space it has cleaned and should clean and minimize the robot’s inefficient movements. iCLEBO Arte separates itself from other cleaning robots in that it is aware of the room structure and can easily find its route of cleaning even when it is under the bed or under tables. Also the microfiber mopping functions eases the hard and tedious mopping tasks of housewives.

Youjin Robot showcases

Along with the robot vacuum cleaner, Youjin Robot also showcased a network service robot called ‘iRobi’. iRobi is world’s first commercialized wireless network based home service robot, and has many functions that are intractable with the user. It is also equipped with a voice recognition function that allows converse with the user, emotional expressions using LED, a camera to be used as eyes to recognize images/objects, and 6 wheels with built in touch sensors, making it an intelligent robot that can mimic people like gestures, evade obstacles, and sense the floor.

Youjin Robot’s thirst for being the world’s best service robot in quality and technology showing in their product development and craftsmanship that has not wavered during 25 years has made YouJin Robot LTD. a big ontributor to the development of Korea’s robot industry, and a company that is well trust and respected, and will be the nourishment and lubricant for Youjin Robot LTD to burst forward in the industry.

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