The KES 2013 bears witness to the domestic electronics industry’s 54-year-old history
The KES 2013 bears witness to the domestic electronics industry’s 54-year-old history
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Ilsan, Gyeonggi-The KES, which has always been a fixture in South Korea’s 54-year-old electronics industry that was led in turn by cassette tape players, color TVs, semiconductors and mobile phones, dates back to 1969 when the 1stKES was held at Deoksugung Palace.

The KES showcased color TVs in 1972 and computers in 1973, preemptively foretelling the domestic electronics industry’s future moves. The KES topped the USD 100 million mark in the value of trade consultations for the first time in 1976 and then broke the USD 200 million and USD 300 million thresholds successively to emerge as one of the nation’s largest trade shows.

In 2000, determined to add diversity and convergence to the rapid development of IT technologies driven by the 21stcentury digital revolution, the KES started to put forward new paradigms for the electronics and IT industry by displaying digital multimedia products, Internet media products and cutting-edge IT products. And in 2005, an outward-looking KES scheduled its event days in connection with famous electronics shows held in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong to lure in more international buyers. As a result, nearly 6,000 international buyers paid a visit to the KES 2005.

In 2009, while taking the wraps off a range of products that helped visitors read future market trends (e.g. wearable IT, 3D displays, green home appliances, 3D medical equipment, digital broadcast equipment, cutting-edge devices for vehicles), the KES at the same time tried to cover the industry’s entire value chain, ranging from R&D and design to production and distribution. Accordingly, in 2009, the KES had successfully transformed itself from an event mainly focused on exhibiting products into a comprehensive, overarching electronics and IT show.

The KES 2013 revolves around four “I”s i.e. Interrelated, International, Interesting and Interactive. The KES 2013, aimed to help galvanize the domestic electronics and IT industry’s exports and overseas market entry, is unequivocally an “international” exhibition that has succeeded in drawing participation from global companies and influential international buyers by joining forces with 56 relevant institutions in 19 nations, a feat considering the long drawn-out global economic slowdown. And the KES 2013 is indeed an “interrelated” exhibition that shows how closely interwoven the upstream and downstream segments of the electronics and IT industry are (e.g. parts, materials, equipment, multimedia, ICT, software, mobile devices and smart convergence). Besides, the KES 2013 is an “interesting” event that unleashes new technologies like 3D printers, flexible devices, etc. And the KES 2013 will display quite a number of “interactive” technologies as well

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