NHN Launches New Brand “Toast”
NHN Launches New Brand “Toast”
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SEOUL, KOREA- NHN Entertainment announced on October 15 that it officially launched a new brand Toast. Toast is NHN Entertainment’s new brand designed to help strengthen its presence in global markets. It symbolizes the concept of “everyday fun.”NHN Entertainment completed the switch of its Poko Pang for Kakao and Team Nine for Kakao into Toast brands on October 11, while planning to do so for ten other already-released mobile games, including Fish Island, Uparu Island for Kakao, and Dragon Friends, within this month.

To celebrate the official launch of its new brand Toast, NHN Entertainment also opened a new brand site (www.toast.com). Instead of adopting a typical type of existing smartphone game portals that show a mere listing of games, the new site uses a full range of screen space broadly and widely, thereby shedding light on the distinguished contents and characters of each individual game.

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