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Q: How is KT preparing for IPTV How much is invested so far

A: We are all set to provide the service as soon as the regulation matter is solved. We are providing everything but real time shows with the current service nation wide. The current Mega TV is more like a TV portal or pre-IPTV since they provide re-runs. But our ultimate goal is to provide our subscribers with the real time shows in the near future, gaining its name as IPTV. The investment made this year was 1.7 billion dollars. When including all the money that has been putting into this business, the total is 2.4 billion dollars.

Q: What is the significance of IPTV to KT and IT

A: IPTV is a brand new growth engine for the communication operators. The Korean telecommunication market is stagnated and KT's monopolization of fixed lines is challenged constantly by the wireless communication market. So, a company like KT is always thirsty for new growth engines. Therefore, IPTV could be a breakthrough to give a wake up call to stagnated market. IPTV is not just a simple communication service as the previous ones. It is the convergence service that combines broadcast and communication. Moreover, it is quite significant that IPTV allows telecommunication operators to meet their customers via TV instead of computers or phones. This will be the great opportunity for the telecommunication operators.

Q: Content is the life of IPTV. How do you afford content

A: We are planning to invest 150 billion dollars for purchasing content this year. The reason we took charge of drama production like Olive Nine and movie production like Sidus is to ensure that we have tight content.

Q: How do you buy foreign contents including movie and music

A: We sign a contract with those who have direct copyright. We are currently in business with Warner Brothers Pictures Inc. for movies and British Broadcasting Corporation to buy documentaries. We are trying to reach out to make more business with foreign companies.

Q: What is needed to improve Mega TV

A: The National Assembly is making a bill for IPTV at the current state. We wish that the Ministry of Information and Communication and Korea Broadcast Commission will soon collaborate to pass the bill for us. We will do everything we could do to prepare for the day we can provide our subscribers with real time shows.

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