SolarWinds Asks "Can You Tell Which System Issue Will Affect Your Application Performance?" You Should
SolarWinds Asks "Can You Tell Which System Issue Will Affect Your Application Performance?" You Should
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TEXAS, US - In today's inter-dependent IT environment, there are few things as complex as managing application availability and its correlated infrastructure -- physical and virtual servers, storage and databases. SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, was built to enable IT Pros to solve complex IT problems and recognizes that top to bottom visibility into business -- critical applications and the related infrastructure helps IT organizations to better predict, prioritize and resolve issues before the end-user is affected.

The new mantra for IT is moving from ensuring the basic availability of IT infrastructure to delivering critical application capabilities to end users, regardless of where that application lives -- on-premise or in the Cloud. If applications are not available or their performance is poor a business' productivity comes to a screeching halt.

Finding the root cause of problems when they occur, or anticipating and preventing those problems before end users are impacted, requires the ability to connect the dots between the full application stack. A full application stack (AppStack) refers to the connections between the application and all software, middleware, and extended infrastructure that application requires for performance.

"The challenge for the IT team lies in the difficulty of bringing disparate systems within the AppStack together to solve a single issue. With multiple domain layers each with their own management tools it is time-consuming to trace a problem from the application through the various layers," said Suaad Sait, executive vice president of product strategy, SolarWinds. "One tool doesn't necessarily correlate or even use the same naming as the next tool in the stack. Given the critical nature of applications to business operations, time equals money when it comes to performance. IT teams do not have the luxury of chasing 'red herrings.' They need to work together to quickly resolve the problem."

The various products within the SolarWinds® server and application monitoring portfolio are designed to enable IT Pros to go from the application down, or from the hardware infrastructure up, to quickly identify and troubleshoot "fires" in an application environment through a "single pane of glass." This top to bottom visibility helps IT organizations to better predict, prioritize and resolve issues before the end-user and the business is affected. And, SolarWinds offers several benefits over other vendors in the IT management market:

  • Buy as you grow. IT teams are not required to purchase a "platform solution" for everything. Regardless of where an IT org starts with SolarWinds, the products share the SolarWinds technology "backbone" allowing for meaningful integration and correlation between the systems. IT teams can start with the product that solves the most urgent need and extend the single pane of glass visibility as their needs and environments evolve.
  • Support for heterogeneous environments. SolarWinds products provide management products that support multi-vendor, multi-system (physical and virtual) environments. IT Pros no longer need to rely on the management tools provided by each vendor, they can get a comprehensive and integrated view of their environment
  • Powerful monitoring, deep visibility, and better usability for a fraction of the price of the Big 4. SolarWinds products do not require a six-figure investment and extensive services to get up and running. The company's products are enterprise-scale and designed to solve management problems based on the way that IT Pros and IT organizations operate on a day-to-day basis

The SolarWinds products that manage visibility across the application stack and specifically help answer, "Why is the app running slow" include:

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