GE Healthcare showcases total solutions customized for small and medium sized hospitals at the 2014 K-Hospital Fair
GE Healthcare showcases total solutions customized for small and medium sized hospitals at the 2014 K-Hospital Fair
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SEOUL, KOREA - GE Healthcare announced that the company will introduce a wide range of medical devices optimized for small and medium sized hospitals under the theme ‘GE Healthcare’s solutions for today and tomorrow’ at the 2014 K-Hospital Fair.


Optima MR 360 Advance for early detection of liver diseases

At the ‘GE Healthcare’s solutions for today’ booth, which will showcase technologies that respond to the needs for caring major diseases of Korean people, the Optima MR 360 Advance will be introduced. Optima MR 360 Advance is embedded with the MR Touch and IDEAL IQ technologies which help detect early stage liver diseases by correctly diagnosing the stiffness of the liver and fatty liver which is currently increasing with the rise of obese people.

Senographe Crystal, which is a digital mammography device developed in Korea, and the digital X-ray system Optima XR220amx will be introduced as well. With its simple installation and slim size, Senographe Crystal is designed to give the clinical confidence and helps the early diagnosis on breast cancer by providing excellent image quality. Optima XR220amx is as much as 35% smaller than previous systems and it can be maneuvered in small hospitals, as it can be moved to any place, such as the patient’s room, emergency room, or intensive care unit. It is embedded with the wireless digital X-ray detector FlashPad which enables the production of accurate images of the patient’s body helping early detection.

Hospitals can digitalize all processes through digital mammography and digital X-ray devices, improving image quality, and the use of advanced applications enables various exams and helps to increase hospital productivity. In collaboration with GE Capital, GE Healthcare will offer financing solution to customers who are aware of the advantages of digital solutions, but are challenged to introduce them due to the financial burden.

GE will also demonstrate ‘remote service solutions’, not only product and financial solutions. GE is quickly responding to MR and CT application errors by connecting them to remote customer sites. Various solutions and programs help quickly solve customer problems. There will be designated time during the exhibition to demonstrate those service solutions during the exhibition in order to help customers’ understanding.

Digital mammography device Senographe Crystal

At the ‘GE Healthcare’s solutions for tomorrow’ booth, various future oriented innovative technologies will be showcased as well.

First of all, the world’s first all-in-one CT technology Revolution CT (KFDA Pending) will be introduced. Revolution CT is embedded with innovative CT technologies that allow accurate diagnosis with low-dose technology. Revolution CT is expected to open up a new chapter in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases as it can produce accurate images of the moving heart in just 0.28 seconds, and it is expected that CT diagnosis of emergency stroke patients will be possible through Revolution CT’s expanded coverage that has a fourfold wider imaging scope compared to existing CTs.

In addition, GE Healthcare will also be presenting its innovative Silent Scan. Silent Scan, while maintaining the efficiency of an MRI, removes the fundamental cause of noise allowing noise reduction during MRI scans to 77 decibel which is lower than that of a noise made by an electronic mixer. Not only does this technology reduce patient discomfort, but it also allows communication between the patients and guardians or medical staff, making the process much more convenient. Notably, it is expected that pediatric patients or patients suffering from claustrophobia will be able to overcome their fears during MRI scans as they can hear the voices of their guardians.

GE Healthcare will also display a wide range of operation room equipment through collaboration with diverse medical providers.

The C-Arm type fluoroscopic X-ray imaging systems, ‘OEC Brivo Essential’, and OEC 9900 Elite, which provide high quality imaging at low dose during surgeries will also be introduced at the K-Hospital Fair. Highly mobile Vscan and Venue 40, which are considered to be the bywords of smart medical devices optimized for use in operation rooms, are expected to help increase emergency patient survival by rapidly and accurately analyzing the severity of emergency patients.

Sia Moussavi, President and CEO of GE Healthcare Korea, said, “As a solution provider, we are pleased to participate in K-Hospital Fair 2014.  This is an opportunity to carefully identify latest challenges and needs of our valuable customer and exchange ideas on how we should evolve together in creating advanced and innovative solutions.” Adding, “GE Healthcare has been together with our customers in Korea for the past 30 years committed to the success of our customers but we need to be open and listen more.  We have even a stronger renewed commitment to Korea and are confident to become a true solutions partner supporting healthcare organizations provide even better care for their patients today and tomorrow.

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