Park Shin-hye “To Live Like Pinocchio Would Be Tough”
Park Shin-hye “To Live Like Pinocchio Would Be Tough”
  • Yang Ja-young
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How much did actress Park Shin-hye grow from her latest drama

She starred in a popular SBS dramawhich ended on January 15. She played a role of Choi In-ha, a reporter who hiccups whenever she lies. Choi In-ha was put in a cruel fate to witness a man she is in love and his family breaking up because of her mom. In-ha endures the pain of saying goodbye to her love so he can revenge her mom. She confronts her mom who has wrong professional belief about a reporter, and becomes a reporter who fights for justice. Despite her sufferings, she finally earns love from both her mom and her love.

Not only Park Shin-hye’s stable acting was impressive, but the synopsis portraying downsides of political and economic fields also gained positive reviews from viewer. Pinocchio recorded its highest viewers rating on the 15th, 13.3% (Nielson Korea) On January 20th, Wiki K-pop reporter went out with Park Shin-hye in a neighborhood of Samceong-dong, Seoul. Her emotions from the drama still lingered on her. We chatted for about an hour and she said, “I and Young-kwang oppa clicked much, Yubi was mood maker with her aegyo. And, Jong-suk said I’m a nagger”.

✔was very interesting drama. It is the first reporter-theme drama to make a hit.

Because the drama resembles our reality such as ‘witch-hunting report’ and ‘media manipulation’, I think many people enjoyed our drama. People showed interests in our drama because it was realistic yet it portrayed something that they were not familiar with which stimulated their curiosity.

✔ It seems like that you have finally taken off your image as a child actor.

I guess a person must have a clear occupational category. In the past, I was a student and I mostly wore school uniform.

✔ What did you care most about while preparing for the drama

I had to put extra attention on my pronunciation. I must do coverage and tv reporters do not give a long comment. They only do coverage on what they need to write. I made a lot of NG cuts.

✔ You also seemed to put a lot of effort on your make-up.

I think it was the heaviest make-up I wore in this drama. Although a director made me look pretty by adjusting lights, I wore dark eye liner to make my eyes look deeper.

✔ What would it be like if Pinocchio Syndrome does exist in real life

The person who suffers from Pinocchio syndrome would have hard time to live. He/she wouldn’t get a job. It was hard to act. Making hiccups make your throat sore. It was very hard to fake hiccups when I had a sore throat.

✔ When do you approve yourself giving a white lie

When my mom calls me and asks me how long will it take me to arrive, I tell her that I’m almost there although I just left. I’m heading home anyway, right

✔ In-ha’s comic acting was amazing.

Script writer gives humorous lines for each episode. The gesture I made with the line ‘cho cho cho cho cho queen-ka’ was my idea. I’m very wild in real life. I am emotional and easily turn sullen. Jong-suk calls me ‘bbi-soon-yi’ (a girl who easily goes into a sulk).

✔ Through this drama, you earned a nickname ‘Queen of Tear’.

Rather than being an actress who cries a lot in the screen, I would like to be an actress who touches viewers’ emotion. It’s meaningless for me to cry. Any secret to crying I just get immersed in the scene. I tend to be sensitive when filming crying scene.

✔ Tell us about the most memorable scene.

Well, most of the scene are memorable but the ones with incisive revenge stand out the most. For example, at a conference, In-ha asks her mom “Have you ever disregarded fact in order to give impact”. I remember some scenes because I didn’t do well. For example, In-ha broke into tears when she found out that Dal-po is Ki Ha-myung and she cries feeling sorry for him. It would’ve been much better if I put in more feelings. Since it was beginning part of the drama, I lacked sympathy which I should’ve overcome…

✔ In the drama, the relationship between In-ha and her mom was the critical point. Was it difficult to delve into emotions

After feeling disappointed to mom, In-ha approaches her mom as a boss. The man she loved fell apart because of her mom and In-ha also collapsed because of the incident. I cried a lot when I had to leave Dal-po so that he could revenge In-ha’s mom. I was totally absorbed into In-ha. I felt uncomfortable thinking of Dal-po because he would never say harsh thing to her mom because of In-ha.

✔ The drama came to a happy ending as Dal-po and In-ha decided to get married. however, nothing was revealed about In-ha’s changed relationship with her mom. Will In-ha open up her heart to her mom

It would be hard for mom and dad to reunite but In-ha would probably see them once in awhile. Mom changed as a reporter, so we probably exchanged some tips.

✔ How is your relationship with your mom in real life

It is totally opposite from the drama. My mom can’t hold her curiosity and she has lots of aegyo which surprise many people. People who tell me that I have aegyo are surprised when they see my mom. She’s really cute.

✔ So, how was it to be a reporter Did you like it

No. It’s very difficult. I must check every detail. The hardest thing was to only deliver fact because untrue information might distort meanings.

✔ If you are a reporter, what would you ask to actress Park Shin-hye

(She pondered for a long time) Well, I’m an actress so.. I would ask about my work in screens.

By Yang Ja-young

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