Park Shin-hye “Want to Get Married Around My 30s…But No Public Dating”
Park Shin-hye “Want to Get Married Around My 30s…But No Public Dating”
  • Yang Ja-young
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I never expected to meet Park Shin-hey in such a realistic drama. And I’ve never ever expected that she would show off her true charms through <Pinocchio>.

For me, Park Shin-hye was just ‘pretty actress’ before I saw her in <Pinocchio>. Of course, she was always lucky to work with gorgeous actors such as Lee Hong-ki, Yoo Yeon-suk, Lee Min-ho, Kim Woo-bin, and Jung Yong-hwa.

However, she has changed through <Pinocchio>. She has become an actress who could leave something remarkable to the viewers.

Park Hye-shin talked about <Pinocchio> and said “The drama taught me the preciousness of words. My acting has become mature and sophisticated” and expressed her gratitude.


 What do you think is the reason the director cast you for the drama

The director first saw me from the drama <Tress in Heaven> and he wanted to work with me someday. After watching my filmography, he offered me a cast. He knows my strengths and he believes that I and In-ha look alike. 

 How was your partnership with Lee Jong-suk

Everything went good. We had good chemistry. He has great reaction for sure. I can tell that he is listening carefully to my words. 

 What did your older brother or other friends tell you after watching <Pinocchio>

Well, he does not talk about me to other people. He does not reveal that I’m his younger sister. Of course, now he feel proud of me and highly praises my work. I think our relationship has become more chummy recently. He was shy but after being discharged from an army, he has become more friendly. 

 How about playing a bad girl in drama

Yes, I would only if she is entitled to be a bad girl. However, if she is just a bad girl without any reason, I would not play the character. 

 You were a singer trainee. What would it be like if you became a singer

I would ended up being an actress anyway. Just like the current trend, I would be an ‘acting idol’. Haha!. At first, I didn’t learn acting out of my passion. I got into acting because I lacked to control my emotion when singing. After learning acting, I was recommended to pursue acting and took an audition which earned me a cast in <Stairways to Heaven>. I did training as a singer, but my acting career was more successful.

 That’s why you are a great dancer.

I have not practiced recently, so it’s not as good as before. 

 Don’t you want to make your showpiece in film

I’m not confident yet. Unlike films, I must attract audience to theaters and I’m not sure if I have that power and influence. 

 What do you want to do on your spare time

Trip! My aunt lives in German and I would like to visit her. As I go on my tour schedule, I realize that the world is wide and there are many things to see. I plan on going to Thailand for commercial shooting soon and I will stay there for few more days. 

 You are very popular in other countries especially in Singapore.

Fan meeting in Singapore was planned but it was cancelled due to some problems. I will try to make it happen this year. I’ll go on a tour in March. 

 Korean fans and fans abroad. Are they different

Korean fans are quiet but fans abroad are energetic. When I went to Philippine, fans danced as I danced, and they sang as I sang. They are very uplifting. 

 Kal So-won who played your child role in a film <Miracle in Cell No. 7> is currently dating a boyfriend. Do you have any good news

I’ve been on and off of relationship without getting caught, but right now, I’m not in a relationship. It’s hard to meet someone that I feel connected to and also hard to maintain the relationship. So, I won’t go on a public dating. I want to make a wedding announcement right before I get married. It’s a good news, but someone might feeling hurt because of me. I’ve seen this happening many times since I was young. I don’t want other people hear harsh things because of me. 

 If you get married, when do you want to get married

I wanted to get married early. I thought I would get married at around 23. That plan has been pushed back as more things coming up that I want to challenge. However, I do not want to delay wedding too late. Around 31 I would like to travel alone, meet various people, and experience many things in my life. That’s when I want to get married.

By Yang Ja-young

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