‘We Got Married’, Is it Real or Scripted? The Show Caught Up in Controversy Again
‘We Got Married’, Is it Real or Scripted? The Show Caught Up in Controversy Again
  • Yang Ja-young
  • 승인 2015.02.11 03:18
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Son Ho-Jun, Kim So-eun/ photo=Han Kwang-ho photographer, Esqire

Son Ho-jun and Kim So-eun are caught up in dating scandal, and MBCsuffered a heavy blow as its reality concept was put on a test.

On the 9th, a media outlet revealed dating photos of Son Ho-jun and Kim So-eun and reported, “The two were first introduced each other through a friend, and recently developed into a couple.” The news also reported that Son Ho-jun visited Kim So-eun’s ailing mother who is being hospitalized proving their close relationship.

Kim So-eun’s rep strongly denied the dating rumor. Some reported that “the agency is checking on the rumor”. It looks like they are trying to prevent any speculative news reports. Son Ho-jun’s rep stated, “The two have good feelings toward each other, but they are not going out.” and intensified the confusion with ambiguous answer.

Sun Hye-yoon producer, from, gave clear explanation. She explained, “I knew that Kim So-eun is close to Son Ho-jun and Yoo Yeon-suk. She told me that she is not dating him at this moment.” Kim So-eun appears in the show with Song Jae-rim as the virtual couple.

Despite the producer’s explanation, the show’s authenticity has taken a huge hit with this scandal. This is understandable. A month ago, Hong Jong-hyun, appearing in the show, was embroiled in scandal with ‘After Schoo’ Nana. The producer clarified the scandal even more actively than the actor’s agency.

However, repetitive elucidation adds more controversies to the authenticity of. The show asked its panels to write memorandum to not date anyone beside their virtual spouse, but it still creates many gossips.

Comedian Jung Hyung-don dropped the show in 2009 while appearing in the show with ‘Girls’ Generation’ Taeyeon. Actress Shin Ae who had virtual marriage life with Alex announced her wedding a year after leaving the show. Hwayobi went public with her relationship with ‘Untouchable’ Sleepy within one month after leaving the show.

Actress Oh Yeon-soo joined the cast with former MBLAQ member Lee Joon in 2012, but forced to leave the show after the scandal broke between her and actor Lee Jang-woo. The actress’ rep said, “It is burdensome to say that they are officially dating” but it did not totally deny their relationship. Lee Jang-woo’s rep did not make any official statement.

is put in an awkward situation. Fans either disappoint when the actors get totally immersed in the virtual marriage life or they criticize actors when they focus too much on their private life. Lack of ‘authenticity’ and ‘immersion’ lead to ostracize the audience.

The rep stated that Kim So-eun will soon leave the show.

will keep going on not, it’s up to the audience.

By www.wikikpop.com Yang Ja-young

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