Dal Shabet with Five Years of Career in K-pop Scene… Any Chance for #1 Trophy?
Dal Shabet with Five Years of Career in K-pop Scene… Any Chance for #1 Trophy?
  • Yang Ja-young
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Will Dal Shabet overcome their sorrow of being a no-crown girl group

Dal Shabet’s beginning was quite extraordinary when they released ‘Supa Dupa Diva’ in 2011. Subin showed off her talents on TV variety shows and grabbed people’s attention with her adorable Jella dialects. They have released ‘Bling Bling’, ‘Hit U’, ‘Hate, Don’t Hate’, ‘Be Ambitious’, ‘B.B.B’ for the past four years, but was getting out of people’s mind without achieving #1 trophy or solidifying their fandom.

Then, they faced several unfortunate events. Last summer, the youngest member Subin was involved in a traffic accident, and Woohee underwent pneumothorax surgery.

While taking a long break for a year and three months, members had time to reflect themselves including their group identity, future path, and their current situation.

Their long worries continued and they finally found their answer. Dal Shabet’s 8th mini-albumis the answer to their question.

This album is the result of Subin’s long agony while she was taking a break from the accident. Subin has been composing music since she was in high school, and finally, she wrote songs only for her group.

Subin came up with an idea of Joker with dark and ridiculous images to keep Dal Shabet’s bright colors as well as making some changes to their five years of career. After recording all four songs, she finished writing the title track ‘JOKER’. In order to fully support Subin who was in charge of the entire album production, other members worked on clothes, hair and make-up.

Now, Dal Shabet is back. They held a showcase for their 8th mini-albumat Ilji Art Hall located in Chungdam-dong, Seoul on April 15 at 5pm and announced their return after a year and three months.

They went through many hardships and slumps while getting ready for this album. Jiyool cried while confessing, “We took a long break and we were worried about getting forgotten by our fans. I want to say thank you to Subin who made a great song” Subin also wiped off her tears. Nothing can explain the responsibility and burden of the youngest member who undertook such a huge task.

Jiyul said “I experienced slump last year. I wondered why I couldn’t do better despite all my efforts. I went on a trip alone when I had free time.” What brought Jiyul back to the path was Subin’s song.

She explained, “When I first listened to the song, I realized that there is a reason for tough times. I wish the individual members’ talents, potential and strengths would come out through this song.”

Dal Shabet showed their desire to achieve #1 trophy with their newest song. Subin promised that “We will do street performance in Harley Quinn outfits if we win no.1 trophy.” She added, “I want to show our full make up in person” and showed her enthusiasm.

Ahyoung continued, “I wish for the best result as she put in great efforts. Flowers bloom in spring and in summer. Our season has not come yet, and I guess now is the time for Dal Shabet to bloom.”

Will Dal Shabet make a successful comeback K-pop music charts have been located by major ballad singers such as Heo Gak, Baek Ji-young, K-will and Park Hyo-shin. Moreover, EXID, BIGBANG, miss A and Jinusean have already announced their return anticipating a huge competition in the K-pop scene.

There’s much attention whether Dal Shabet will make a successful return with their hand-stained album. Meanwhile, Dal Shabet will make a comeback stage for ‘JOKER’ this month. Their new song was banned from KBSand they will revise their choreography and lyrics for deliberation.

By Wiki Kpop Yang Ja-young Editor

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