AmorePacific, IOPE advancing to the Chinese Functional Cosmetics as 'Bio-Science'
AmorePacific, IOPE advancing to the Chinese Functional Cosmetics as 'Bio-Science'
  • Lee Kyung-ho
  • 승인 2015.05.14 23:52
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IOPE of AmorePacific(, the major Bio-functional brand from Korea, starts advancing to china in full-scale starting with earning space in Hanguang department store in Beijing on June.

IOPE( constantly showed innovative products since it launched in 1996, became the major functional brand in Korea, and gives precise solution of skin troubles through endless research based on Bio-Science.

IOPE targeted Chinese market, which has the customers of segmented needs for the recent cosmetics and showed increasing interests on high-functional products, as the first gateway to advance to global. IOPE’s advancement to China this time has the meaning to achieve the vision as ‘Global No.1 Bio-functional Brand,’ by sending the Bio-ingredients and technologies, result of the technology of AmorePacific Co., to Chinese customers based on the success in the Korean functional cosmetic market. In addition, it plans to show off ‘Air-cushion ® XP,’ which gave birth to the myth of new category called ‘cushion’ to the cosmetic market, to the mainland China and lead the globalization of K Beauty and ‘cushion.’

IOPE plans to open 2nd store on Jiuguang department store in Shangjai in addition on the same month, starting with the opening of the 1st store on Hanguang department store in Beijing on June 12th. It plans to open total of 5 to 6 stores, targeting the luxury department store on major cities and to expand the advancement on the mainland China within this year.

IOPE deploy the strategy of strengthening the basis for the skin research of Chinese women and offering precise solution on each skin trouble to successfully establish as the high functional premium brand in Chinese market safely. For this, it plans to actively apply its differentiated three Bio-Property, the BioLab, Genius and SkinReport. It plans to offer professional counseling with the concept of ‘BioLab’ in the Chinese store and make agreement on the joint research on Asian women’s skin, by appointing Chinese ‘Genius,’ consisted of skin experts and researchers. In addition, it is going to publish ‘SkinReport’ that contains research and systematic analysis on Chinese women’s skin and transfer the essence of Bio-Science in full-scale.

IOPE & Hanyul division director Kim Jinho stated that IOPE is a Bio-functional cosmetic brand that provides the natural beauty throughout the endless research and consistent innovation and has the history and pride of life-science and cutting-edge technologies, and I’m sure those values will be transferred to the Chinese customers.

By Lee Kyung-ho

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