Mobile Shopping Market Expands at Blistering Pace
Mobile Shopping Market Expands at Blistering Pace
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Korea’s mobile shopping market is growing at a blistering pace thanks to the development of mobile technologies and the change in consumer trend.

According to the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade on June 19, Korea’s mobile shopping market size reached 13.14 trillion won last year, up 122.3 percent from 5.91 trillion won in 2013.

During the same period, the market size of Internet shopping using personal computers fell 5.4 percent to 31.96 trillion won from 33.77 trillion won.

The size of the nation’s overall Internet shopping market which combines mobile and desktop computers amounted to 45.1 trillion won last year, up 13.7 percent from 39.68 trillion won a year before.

The rapid expansion of the mobile market is attributable to the progress of mobile technologies which enable consumers to shop at anytime anyplace through their mobile devices, plus the increase in one-person households and double-income households which frequently purchase daily necessities through mobile devices during commuting hours.

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