f(x) Becomes 4-Member Girl Group with Sulli Leaving the Team
f(x) Becomes 4-Member Girl Group with Sulli Leaving the Team
  • Jennifer Lee
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K-pop girl group f(x) will become a 4-member girl group.

In respect to Sulli’s hope, SM Entertainment announced that it is best for Sulli to withdraw f(x) so that she can focus on her acting career. The agency came to the decision after negotiating with Sulli about her future activities who has been on a hiatus with a low-profile on personal activity.

So, f(x) will continue their group activities with four members, Victoria, Luna, Amber and Krystal. The girl group received much love with their unique music and distinctive charms. As their talents and uniqueness have been recognized in the entertainment field, there’s raised anticipation toward their future activities.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment will support both f(x) and Sulli’s future promotions.

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