Green Packet To Secure Singapore WiMAX License
Green Packet To Secure Singapore WiMAX License
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Mr. Michael Lai, CEO of P1 Malaysia (left) and Mr. CC Puan, Group CEO of Green Packet (right)

Kuala Lumpur - Bursa Malaysia Main Board listed Green Packet Berhad ("Green Packet"), a leading developer of WiMAX products and solutions, has, via its subsidiary, Packet One Sdn Bhd, the holding company of Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, entered into an agreement with Pacnet for the transfer of Pacnet's Facilities-based Operator ("FBO") license and Wireless Broadband Access ("WBA") spectrum right to Green Packet's newly incorporated company, Packet One (S) Pte Ltd ("P1 Singapore").

The successful transfer of the Singapore FBO license and WBA spectrum right upon final approval from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore ("IDA") will be seen both as a proof point and catalyst to P1's leadership in the global WiMAX operator space. The Company currently ranks amongst the top five WiMAX operators in the world in terms of network size and subscriber base.

"The transfer of this FBO license and WBA spectrum right in Singapore is in line with our strategy of divesting non-core assets and growing our partner network to better serve our customers," said Jacques Grézaud, Country Manager, Pacnet Singapore. "Pacnet has a long history serving thousands of SME customers across the region. Our latest partnership will enable Green Packet to support the highly demanding mobile data market in Singapore, enabling consumers to enjoy world class WiMAX solutions."

According to Informa's 3G Wireless Broadband report, high speed mobile subscriptions for Singapore's top three operators increased on average by close to 150% in 2008-09 to 710,000 subscribers. And this growth is expected to continue as subscribers move from home to personal broadband.

Green Packet's Group Managing Director and Group CEO, Mr CC Puan said, "P1's extension into Singapore is a first step towards the Company's mission to build a multi-market, pan-regional footprint and to become South East Asia's leading 4G WiMAX operator.

P1 and Green Packet aim to deliver superior user experience for mobile broadband access in any market. To this end, Singapore offers an excellent reference platform and test-bed as an advanced market for us to develop innovative seamless mobility technology and applications."

As part of the business strategy, P1's entry into Singapore is also expected to deliver the immediate benefit and competitive proposition of roaming for its subscribers. As an indication of the market size and demand for roaming services, cross-border visitor arrivals between the two countries totalled 11.65 million in 2008 according to tourism statistics.

Mr Michael Lai, CEO of P1 Malaysia said, "Since we launched, we've worked hard to build the P1 brand equity and to deliver superior service experience. Our entry into Singapore to become a multi-market player will enable us to offer a robust alternative to compliment mobile operators and create a compelling proposition for both our individual and corporate customers via roaming services. We look forward to bringing the P1 experience beyond Malaysia further down south."

Mr Lai added that Singapore presents a tremendous growth opportunity to P1 due the Republic's advanced mobile data demand. The proximity to Malaysia will also allow the Singapore operations to tap into the existing KL services such as the billing systems, customer service support and so forth for substantial CAPEX savings.

P1 Singapore would offer supplementary bandwidth to which existing telcos could offload data traffic to minimize network congestion. It also plans to bundle mobility to FTTH players to complement their services.

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