KDC’s 3rd Quarter Results Hit All Time High
KDC’s 3rd Quarter Results Hit All Time High
  • Daniel Ko
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KDC Profits in 3rd Quarter Sales

As one of the top companies of IT enterprise, Korea Digital Communications Corporation (KDC) recently reported an all time high for quarterly sales in the 3rd quarter.

KDC this year posted sales of about US$47 million, profits of about US$3.3 million, and net profit of about US$2.7 million, accomplishments which they announced on October 29, 2009. If one compares this to last years results, sales were increased by 27.8%, profits were increased by 187.8%, and net profit was increased by 466.1%.

The two main reasons for this sales increase is due to their 3D and renewable energy industries. When televisions first came out, it was first black and white, then improved to color, then improved to HD TV. However, KDC's 3D industry is in the next stage of the way we see televisions, which is in 3D. KDC's 3D industry is already in the future stage of television quality. Their renewable energy industry is booming as well.

One of the places KDC has business in is 3D Digital Contents picture which by the end of September made sales of 16.7 million dollars which is a 2002% increase.

KDC's CFO Kim Dong Sup stated, "In the upcoming 4th quarter, KDC will focus on networks, SI business, and sales. We will concentrate on 3D Digital contents and increase new portfolios for diversity and run new projects, strategic businesses, which will progress our company. 3D business will definitely include IPTV for the use of cable modems, and supply industry. KDC will continue to supply business cable modems for IPTV, renewable energy, and 3D technology. Once we hit our sales stride, we are expecting to make about US$83 million of sales profit and about US$4.2 million of net profit.

According to Korea Communications Commission, the scope of the 3D display world market is expected to be growing rapidly from US$100.6 million in 2008 to $27.7 billion in 2012. As service for domestic and facilities market continue to grow rapidly, KDC predicts that it's growth will also increase because KDC has been the leader of the domestic 3D industry since 2004.

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