Peter Schreyer Calls All-new K7 “Kia’s Design Future”
Peter Schreyer Calls All-new K7 “Kia’s Design Future”
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Peter Schreyer, president and chief design officer at Hyundai Motor Group, has stressed that the Kia all-new K7 is the future of Kia’s design.

Peter Schreyer introduced Kia Motors' all-new K7 sedan during a video interview in Seoul, on Jan. 17, 2016, which has been posted on Kia’s website ( Describing the K7 as prestigious, elegant and masculine, he said in the interview: “It has got more dignity and elegance.” “Kia has evolved into a new premium brand. In America and Europe, it has a very good reputation. This car is another big step in this direction. It will bring Kia up a lot because it shows what we are and where we are going to do in the future,” he added.

The all-new K7, scheduled for release at the end of this month, is the first full change model since the first launch of the K7 large-size sedan in 2009.

Peter Schreyer continued: “We wanted to go a step further in a way we still want people to recognize it as a K7. But it is more than that. We made a much more prestigious, elegant front and more masculine. The whole car is a little more stretched, and has got more dignity and elegance.”

“It’s got the long greenhouse and also the very long and stretched window graphic on the side. All the things come together. We tried to make the design consistent from the front, side to the rear all the way around. It’s a perfect car.”

Peter Schreyer has been showing his special affection toward the K7. As Kia’s then CDO (Cheif Design Office), Peter Schreyer showed up at the press presentation of the first K7 model back in 2009.

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