High-end Antenna Supplier Courts Shanghai Manufacturers
High-end Antenna Supplier Courts Shanghai Manufacturers
  • Matthew Weigand
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The Partron booth at AEES 2009 attracts a steady stream of visitors

AEES 2009 in Shanghai - November 11 - Partron makes the tiniest little cool things.  Take their antennas, for instance.  They are the size of a large fingernail and work for mobile phones, WiFi connections, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and GPS devices.  Or take their optical mice, which are little black squares the size of a cell phone key that when rubbed up, down, left, or right, move a mouse pointer around the screen.  Mr. Jin, manager of the Shanghai Office of Partron, illustrated these things at their booth at the Asian Electronics Expo Shanghai 2009 today.

Mr. Jin said, "In Shanghai alone there are 200-300 design houses."  He went on to say that they could all benefit from these parts and others like them which his company makes.  If there is any doubt about the quality of his company's work, it should be dispelled by knowing that its antennas are used in 70 percent of Samsung Mobile's devices, and 20 percent of LG's.  The company has also already contacted some of the largest design houses in Shanghai, but is open to knowing more.  After splitting from Samsung Electro-Mechanics in 2003, the company has been looking to expand, and has not stopped yet.

There were a number of visitors to the booth, but there were no serious offers yet.  The beginning of the first day, however, was less than a fifth of the time that the company has.  It is looking forward to good things.

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