Mobility Token Provides Maximum Security for Online Banking
Mobility Token Provides Maximum Security for Online Banking
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Munich, November 12, 2009. Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) - in collaboration with its partners CREALOGIX and EISST - has successfully brought to market a new solution that significantly reduces the risks involved in online banking. Based on the G&D Mobility Token, the new product is called CLX.Sentinel. Its key benefit lies in the tight integration of the Mobility Token with the security application, which provides effective protection against all known cyber attacks. Authentication with the integrated certificate makes it even more user-friendly: users simply plug it in, enter their pin number, and enjoy secure online banking. The CLX.Sentinel has already been ordered by nine Swiss banks.

Damage caused by cybercrime is steadily on the rise. Online banking is one area where people frequently fail to appreciate the risks, since the protection offered by firewalls and antivirus programs is unfortunately far from adequate. Meanwhile, the cyber mafia are regularly enhancing the techniques they use, making it increasingly important to deploy ever more efficient systems of protection. The CLX.Sentinel from CREALOGIX provides an exceptionally high level of security for e-banking applications. Based on the Star Sign® Mobility Token Classic from G&D, this solution has been specifically optimized to safeguard sensitive Web-based applications such as online banking.

"The CLX.Sentinel sets new standards of security and user-friendliness in the online banking arena, as was recently confirmed by Compass Security AG, an independent and globally active Swiss security company. The CLX.Sentinel will help to increase the extent to which people use online banking and other security-sensitive Web applications," states Dr. Kai Grassie, Group Senior Vice President and Head of G&D's New Business division.

Numerous Swiss banks have already decided to use the new product, including a number of cantonal banks such as the St. Galler Kantonalbank, Luzerner Kantonalbank, Thurgauer Kantonalbank, Basler Kantonalbank and the Raiffeisen Group.

Paul Eggenschwiler, Director of the St. Galler Kantonalbank and Head of Multichannel Management explains the reasons behind this decision: "Not only does the product offer very high levels of security, it is also impressively easy to use. In our experience, user-friendliness is one of the most important criteria for determining whether a new security solution will be readily accepted by e-banking users."

The Mobility Token is a plug-and-play solution: as soon as the customer inserts the token in a USB port of a computer connected to the Internet, they can immediately use their bank's online applications in an easy-to-use, secure environment. As a zero-footprint security solution, it ensures that the user leaves no traces on the computer that could be read and exploited by potential cyber attackers. The Mobility Token also makes use of a special security application with an integrated "hardened" browser that cannot be modified by third parties. All of these features effectively prevent attacks on data traffic during online banking sessions.

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