AMOLED: New Paradigm on the Market
AMOLED: New Paradigm on the Market
  • Daniel Ko
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One of Samsung

Kang Ho-moon, President of Samsung Mobile Display (SMD), views AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) displays as the new paradigm of the display market.

On November 25, at Samsung's Seocho office, Samsung Electronics agreed that the best way for the company to grow will be in the display market, especially through AMOLED displays. They predict that the market's demand for cutting-edge technology, especially AMOLED, will continue to increase. However, they understand that they must continue to sell other cutting-edge technology including cell phones, mp3 players, and other related products.

As of right now, even small and medium enterprises' AMOLED products are selling at a fast pace, and the demand for these products is still growing.

Kang Ho-moon stated, "The demand for these products gives us a driving force to continue to create and improve our AMOLED products."

He also stressed one fact, "AMOLED is a paradigm for the future because it has an optimized and flexible display. It is currently one of the more popular products in the IT market."

Samsung's technological abilities within the AMOLED market make their products of highest quality. Samsung Electronics is convinced that through their efforts and hard work, they will continue to grow and remain a main force in the AMOLED market.

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