Money, Do We Really Need it?
Money, Do We Really Need it?
  • Ryan Schuster
  • 승인 2009.12.22 18:06
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Don't ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country What does this actually mean Does it mean how we can make the country a better place to live or do whatever our country tells us to do I think it is the latter of the two because money is the driving force for everything and as people, do we really need it Money is not important and it is only used as a bargaining chip or a way to motivate the working class. As a worker, who would want to work for free There is a quote by James A. Garfield, former President of the United States who stated, "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and Commerce." This is true and it has happened.

Human Nature
A prime example of this is the Internal Monetary Fund (IMF) loaned a total of US$121 billion during the financial crisis here in Korea and to the rest of Asia in 1997 and 1998. Did this money go to the helpless millions of people who lost their jobs No, it went to pay off the bad loans that were made in Asia by investors. To replenish this IMF where does the money have to come from We the people have to pay it off. What will happen next Well, the country will shift into a cruel recession by producing high interest rates, higher demand for imports while reducing wages. By having an influx of foreign investing in technology or the next hot product will lead to a total melt-down of the economy in a country. This leads to a boomerang affect that ultimately hurts the people of a country and then the people of the US have to pay it back. Just like human nature we will wash our hands of it and then repeat and move onto the next country. It's time that we grow up and find more sophisticated ways to deal with these issues. That is based on human and environmental concerns, and to avoid the shallow and self-centered goals of individual wealth, property, and power.

The Idea
Religion, politics and technology are the three entities that are working together to increase the all mighty dollar. It does not matter where you live if it is here in Korea or in Timbuktu the driving mechanism is still the same, money. These three entities set society's social values, but with collective ignorance to increase the size of their wallet, if you scratch my back I will scratch yours. You can think of it like 'Lord of the Rings' where there are seven rings and one ring to rule them all. Well in this story the seven rings represent the seven continents and the one ring is money. Each of these continents is driven by one thing and one thing alone and that is money. Let's take a step back and imagine for a second if these three entities worked in harmony to destroy money.

We got the technology to send people to the moon or to destroy a country and send it back to the stone-age, but to have energy-efficient cities, universal health care or to turn third world countries into an energy-efficient city. However, this is too, daunting to do. The main shift has to happen in our points of views, values and to let go of the status quo. Than anything and everything is possible for us to do.


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