Different Types of New Games
Different Types of New Games
  • Daniel Ko
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Grand Mer by Hanbit Soft

In this gaming era, most games feature action which includes violence, fighting, and shooting. However, Hanbit Soft Inc. and Ntreev Soft Inc. have both released a game respectively that allows it's users to get a different satisfaction from their gaming experience. The games are based on new and creative ideas that stray from all the shooting and violence. One of these games is based on trolling/fishing which allow you to catch large fish while on a speeding boat. The other game features horse racing which allows you to compete and race with other players.

Hanbit Soft Inc. has recently released a game known as "Grand Mer." It is an online trolling game that can be played globally. Trolling is to catch large fish such as tuna and marlin deep in the ocean while on a moving boat. Grand Mer's gameplay allows you to catch fish up to 8 meters long. The game has a simple control system so it is easy to play as well as striking graphics which allow you to see the movements of the water, shadows on the water surface, islands, and the changing color of the water depending on time and weather. Previous fishing games had about 60 different types of fishes, but this game currently has over 80. Hanbit Soft's future plans for this game include developing up to 200 different types of fishes. Other features include trolling tournament games which allow you to compete with other gamers online and a community system which allows you to add your friends or make clubs.

Alicia by Ntreev Soft

On the other hand, Ntreev Soft Inc has recently released a game known as "Alicia." It is a horse-racing game which not only features the horses running fast, but also jumping, gliding, sliding, and even flying in the air! There are many different courses to race in as well as 4 different game modes. Meanwhile, the game's graphics make the game feel realistic; like you are actually riding the horse.

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