Towaga, the latest game from a Swiss startup that aims to challenge the little Italian plumber
Towaga, the latest game from a Swiss startup that aims to challenge the little Italian plumber
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Sunnyside games Studio

Available to download from January 11th 2017 on the App Store and Google Play at a cost of 3
CHF (No adverts or in-app purchasing), Towaga, the new, 100% Swiss-made game
by Sunnyside 
games with backing from Switzerland’s crowdfunding community, has ambitions on a grand
scale, aiming for a million downloads in short order, despite an ultra-competitive market.
Sunnyside Games is pinning its hopes on a custom-developed light rendering engine, a
soundtrack that adapts to the player’s actions, and the studio’s previous successes in the mobile
market with Anshar Wars 2 and The Firm, all of which could enable Chimù to do battle with the
Goliaths of the industry.

Screen 02 - Towaga

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 12th 2017/ Korea IT Times-- Towaga is a challenging and exciting 2D action/adventure game developed by the young, Lausanne-based startup, Sunnyside Games. They’ve been around the block before: Anshar II for the Gear VR and Oculus
Rift was one of 2016’s best sellers, while The Firm for iOS sold over half a million copies.

You play the part of Chimù, a powerful, masked character at the top of the legendary Towaga Tower, where you have to complete a
dark and historic ritual that leads to the discovery of ancient worlds while you face up to monsters who are starved of light.

Armed with divine powers, especially a powerful beam of light, you must survive, perform exorcisms and combat the hordes of
monsters while trying to complete the five challenges that will reveal the ultimate mystery, hidden behind the door of the dead.

The process of developing Towaga was made possible thanks to Switzerland’s crowdfunding community, which raised the
campaign’s profile and resulted in it receiving 186% of its funding target. Since then, Sunnyside Games has developed and
implemented several games and has focused its efforts on creating its own, 2D cartoon rendering engine to recreate an
immersive visual experience that resembles a traditional cartoon.

The soundtrack also received special attention, as it was created specifically for the project using the Wwise audio engine so that
it could adapt and evolve dynamically, depending on what the player does on the screen. In summary, this is an adventure to be
experienced with an audio headset for complete immersion.
Sunnyside Games will offer a number of free updates over the coming months, based on feedback from the community. This is a
concept that is close to the heart of the Lausanne-based startup, which always aims to offer an experienced that is designed for
gamers, by gamers.

Sunnyside Games is a young, Lausanne-based startup that was founded in 2013, and which specialises in developing mobile and
VR games. Sunnyside Games defines itself, first and foremost, as a mutually supportive, flexible team that is highly motivated to
achieve its goals, which include the creation of fun, uninhibited and rewarding experiences, and sharing a worldview that has its
roots in the world of animation with the gaming community.

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