UiPath Brings Higher Intelligence to RPA Solutions
UiPath Brings Higher Intelligence to RPA Solutions
  • By D.Peter Kim (info@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2017.02.16 09:28
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UiPath, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software provider, announces its latest release on Feb.16 with 50 new product features and 800 enhancements that bring unprecedented intelligence, productivity and scalability to its RPA solution suite.

Key advances in robotic technology include: Intelligent Scheduling, Multi-tenancy: Multi-Robot Residency. Major enhancements to existing product features include Computer Vision and Cognitive Automation.

The Intelligent Scheduling feature accelerates virtual workforce efficiency with autonomous automation intelligence: as a robot completes scheduled transaction, UiPath Orchestrator automatically reassigns it to other prioritized work. This means fully utilized robots and fulfilled service level requirements.

This release introduces Multi-Tenancy to the RPA industry. For the first time, customers can provide RPA groups with separate, secure tenant space within just one central server - unlike other RPA solutions that require dozens of servers to handle hundreds or thousands of robots. With the UiPath technology in this release, customers can slash RPA operating costs and infrastructure investment.

The Multi-Robot Residency feature revolutionizes RPA solution scalability and productivity with technology that makes the industry's current 1 robot = 1 virtual machine bottleneck obsolete. Now customers can put multiple robots on one virtual machine, gaining huge deployment ease and economy advantages.

Cloud-based Virtual Delivery Center: Intelligent Scheduling, Multi-Tenancy & Multi-Robot Residency are essential building blocks for this low cost, plug & play machine-to-machine delivery model - forecasted to emerge as a popular deployment vehicle in 2017.

Significant enhancements in this release include Computer Vision and Cognitive Automation. 

Computer Vision - UiPath's unrivalled technology - that enables robots to see like humans - now provides even greater automation speed and accuracy advantages within Citrix environments.

Cognitive Automation provides UiPath's Front Office, agent-assist robots with more powerful technology for: language detection - which also improves OCR image analysis and outcomes; named entity recognition - extracts unstructured/semi-structured data and delivers it in a structured format; sentiment analysis - understands language meaning/emotion and uses it for "right first time" decisions.


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