Turing Robotic Industries has Partnership with TCL to Produce the World's First Amplified Intelligence Smartphone
Turing Robotic Industries has Partnership with TCL to Produce the World's First Amplified Intelligence Smartphone
  • By D.Peter Kim (info@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2017.04.13 06:20
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TRI (Turing Robotic Industries), creator of the Turing Phone, has announced a partnership with TCL Communication LTD to produce the world's first mass-produced Liquidmorphium smartphone. The new Turing Phone Appassionato will be co-manufactured by TCL and will feature amplified Intelligence, with a dedicated enhanced-concierge service.

According to press of PR Newswire on April 12, "We are excited to be working with TRI on their innovative new product," said Nicolas Zibell, CEO of TCL Communication. "TCL observed the immediate excitement and lively enthusiasm that the first generation of Turing phones brought out with consumers and we saw an opportunity for a mutually beneficial partnership. We want to channel that energy to impress consumers."

TCL ranks among the world's top-ten phone makers, with its phones being sold in 160 countries. TCL recently acquired the BlackBerry brand to produce BlackBerry branded smartphones. TCL Corporation has designed, manufactured and distributed ALCATEL smart and feature phones since 2004.

The revolutionary Turing Phone Appassionato will feature amplified intelligence with a uniquely dedicated enhanced-concierge service. Amplified Intelligence is the process by which machine intelligence (or "artificial intelligence," AI) is used to supplement human intelligence in making decisions and choices, and will be the focus of TRI's intelligence amplification development going forward. This first of its kind concierge will be able to provide Appassionato users an intimate yet intelligent experience.

"TRI's Appassionato leapfrogged passive voice command search tools of existing smartphones. Inspired by the work of American engineer and inventor Douglas C. Engelbart, TRI will advance amplified intelligence by incorporating the latest developments in AI and in human enhanced-concierge capabilities," Syl Chao, CEO of TRI said. "The TRI enhanced-concierge service, 'Sir ALAN', works in conjunction with an AI interpretation engine to jointly provide finely tuned, relevant lifestyle and business recommendations for Appassionato users."

The avant-garde Turing Phone Appassionato builds upon the success of its forebears by not only being constructed of Liquidmorphium but also featuring diamond-like-carbon coating (DLC), which provides a high-tech ceramic feel and a scratch resistant surface. The new device will protect the user's information through TRI's robust mobile defense platform fully integrated into the Android 7.1.1 OS powered by Qualcomm MSM8996SG-AC SoC.

"We are excited to partner with TCL as they are the leaders in smartphone manufacturing. We have gathered invaluable feedback from owners of the first generation Turing Phone which motivated us to make necessary adjustments to improve our mobile service offerings," said Chao. "The overall product experience we are developing is incredible, and we can't wait to share it with the world. This partnership with TCL Communication LTD is the next step in making that happen."

The Turing Phone Appassionato will start shipping in two variants by September 2017: the elite edition Turing Phone Appassionato PX8 and the premium-luxury edition Turing Phone Appassionato GX8. It will be retailed at $1,099 and $1,599 respectively.

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