Canadian Cloud Backup Protects Against Ransomware
Canadian Cloud Backup Protects Against Ransomware
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Datacentre disaster recovery

Over the last couple of days, the WannaCry ransomware attack affected 150 countries and reached up to 200,000 victims. While Canada wasn’t largely affected, Canadian Cloud Backup wants to remind the community to not let their guard down just yet.

“Ransomware attacks are on the rise,” says Chris Medeiros, owner, Canadian Cloud Backup. “Just because it didn’t hit close to home this time does not mean we are safe the next time this pops up.”

Like many ransomware attacks, WannaCry encrypts your data and files on your computer so you can no longer access them, unless you pay the ransom amount demanded.

According to Globe Newswire on May 19, With Canadian Cloud Backup’s comprehensive, cost-effective local and cloud backup recovery solutions, you can back up data from any source and recover it to any destination on any system.

“We are finding many clients come to us after disaster has already struck. These disasters cost thousands and the damage is already done.” Chris continues, “The key to protecting yourself is being proactive: signing up for a backup service before disaster strikes. Protect yourself, and your clients.”

Canadian Cloud Backup is a privately held Canadian company serving the global community with a strong focus on growth in Canada. Their management and staff have a varied history in the I.T. and data service industries with years of experience. They offer a consultative sales approach, which helps providers integrate their services into their current offerings.


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