How to Promote Your Products
How to Promote Your Products
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The main page for Korea IT Times - Trade Market

Korea IT Time's clients have been sending their products or asking us where to buy the products that we post. Since this is uncharted territory, we have decided to create our own ‘Trade Market' page. As you may see already, the Korea IT Times has a new area on the main page ( called Trade Market.

When entering the page ‘Korea IT Times - Trade Market' there is a dropdown list showing three categories. There are three categories: buy, sell and etc. The default view is to show all the categories, but you are able to categorize it by selecting your preference and then click on the ‘Go' button. Also, more conveniently you can choose which category you want by using the tabs on the top that are labeled accordingly. Also, on the right-side there are six smaller buttons. The first, button is for a Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed a format for delivering regularly changing web content. RSS will allow you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest products and information from our website. The second, button is about the board skin and the developer. The third, button is for tags. If somebody added tags to their post you are able to view it here. The fourth, fifth and sixth buttons allow you change the default look of the page. For instance, you could click on the fifth button to show the title and information about the post for each product on the site.

To add a post to Korea IT Times - Trade Market click on the button ‘Write'. This is where you are able to add your product. There are four required textboxes. The first required textbox is author, second is password, third is title, and last is content. Email and homepage are optional. There are also, three checkboxes. The first, checkbox is ‘Secret'. This is if you want to make your post invisible to other people. The second, checkbox is ‘Allow Comments'. This is used if you want people to post comments about your product or not. The third, checkbox is ‘Allow Trackbacks'. This allows you to receive emails when somebody posts comments about your product.

Post your product for Korea IT Times - Trade Market

To add pictures there are two ways you can do it. First, you can add a picture by clicking on the ‘URL' button. Here you are able to add the image by using a web address. Or you could add the picture by using html. This is useful if you are using an online photo gallery. Just copy the http address and insert it into the html editor view. Second, way is to add a picture by clicking on the button ‘Attach'. After finding the desirable picture click on ‘Insert to Content'.

Opening up your own Trade Market of your product. This could be away to share your portfolio of the product or products that you've done so far. Away to make sure everybody knows about your product. If the stars align, and your fortune is right, it can all come together to be a very successful marketing tool.

How to Promote Your Products

It is not good practice to reach your target customers through one media source as you risk losing everything all at once so; this is why Korea IT Times will definitely be useful for your business sales. Here are a couple ways to get successful business leads for your product.

First, do not shy away from any negative feedback. These are things that will get you to improve your product. It is impossible to have a perfect product that everybody loves. Some products are unfinished or in ‘beta' testing this will help you get your product notice and away to offer assistance. There a lot of people who go online to look for unfinished products - they understand things will be rolled out at different stages. Second, create colorful product images and show them in the most professional way possible. Make sure the pictures are not used with a disposable camera this could personally sabotage your chance of closing a future deal.

These are just a couple easy ways to promote or get a name for your product. To make sure your business lead trade market efforts pays dividends, you need to focus on multiple media channels and this is where Korea IT Times will help. By targeting customers who are spending their time online, not to shy away from negative feedback, create professional messages to capture the potential customers as close to the point of buying as possible, and to close them into sales as quickly as possible so that you can get a high return on investment.

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