The Eco Forum Global Symposium 2017 Kicks Off in Guiyang
The Eco Forum Global Symposium 2017 Kicks Off in Guiyang
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GUIYANG, ChinaJune 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Korea IT Times-- On June 17, the Eco Forum Global Symposium 2017 opened in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province,organized by the provincial government and its main media partner, More than 400 businesspeople, politicians, and academics participated in the forum to discuss how to build a pilot eco-civilization zone; more specifically, to enter a new era of eco-civilization in an innovation-driven and evidence-based manner.

Xinsheng Zhang, the Secretary-general of Guiyang EFG , the President of IUCN, delivers a keynote speech
Xinsheng Zhang, the Secretary-general of Guiyang EFG , the President of IUCN, delivers a keynote speech

The theme for this year's annual conference is "Embracing the New Era of Eco-Civilization and Let Green Growth Benefit All," and its major topic is on building a pilot eco-civilization zone. Guizhou was approved to establish a national pilot eco-civilization zone in 2016, making itself a platform of China's reform for promoting ecological progress. Guizhou deeply implements the concept of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" and makes eco elements and resources available to society as a whole. Nowadays, the eco-practices in Guizhou reflect the concept of "Green Advance, Green Lead and Green Growth".

As one of the major media partners in this global symposium, was established under the approval of People's Daily and the State Council Information Office and funded by and the Global Times. As a centralized network of comprehensive news media, strives for timely, objective and independent coverage and analysis of news and information at home and abroad. We are the preferred source of news and information for national as well as foreign is the provider for original bilingual contents online, the professional issuance agency for foreign games, and China's most influential bilingual Chinese-English news portal.

During the Forum, our accredited correspondents will report in the forms of image-text, video, new media and the like.

Chen Min'er, the Communist Party Secretary of Guizhou province and Chairman of the Standing Committee of its People's Congress, said in an interview with that ecology is key to culture, and it is Guizhou's glory and responsibility to accomplish the strategic goal assigned by the CPC Central Committee of building this national pilot eco-civilization zone. In the meanwhile, Chen mentioned that the reform will carry out by focusing on the construction of green barriers to promote green development and ecological poverty alleviation, strengthen the rule of law protection, and deepen communication and cooperation. The establishment of this pilot zone will make the colorful Guizhou pay more attention to its natural resources, environment, eco-civilization and cultural civilization.

Sir John Leslie Prescott, the former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, foreign president of the Eco Forum Global Guiyang Symposium 2017 International Consulting Committee and president of the EU Environment Council, told that the existing global framework cannot assure the accomplishment of a shared development, and it is unacceptable and unsustainable to let the economic and social gap between low-income developing and high-income developed countries grow widen. "Just like Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement, we could also formulate a Guiyang Agreement, which will make us more confident to address climate change and help us to reach an international agreement," said Sir Prescott.

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