Farrer & Co to Deploy Intapp Open and Intapp Flow in the Cloud
Farrer & Co to Deploy Intapp Open and Intapp Flow in the Cloud
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LONDON, Aug. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intapp, a global leader in legal software, today announced that Farrer & Co LLP, a leading independent law firm in the UK, is deploying Intapp Open and Intapp Flow in the Cloud. Farrer & Co will be migrating its legacy systems to Intapp Open for both new business intake and conflicts management. In addition, the firm will be using Intapp Flow together with Intapp Integrate to streamline critical workflows for business development, HR and other areas of the business. Farrer & Co has selected Intapp Professional Services to assist with the implementation, as the firm takes advantage of the broader Intapp platform.

“As we evaluated our options for replacing Compliguard, it became clear that Intapp Open is truly the state-of-the-art solution on the market, providing us with the opportunity to strengthen our intake and conflicts processes significantly,” said Neil Davison, IT Director, Farrer & Co. “The fact that both Intapp Open and Intapp Flow are now available in the cloud was important to us, as we continue to build on our ‘cloud first’ technology and service strategy.”

Farrer & Co has adopted many cloud applications, including NetDocuments for document management and Intapp Time for time recording. The IT team’s cloud strategy has delivered many benefits for end users, improving performance, achieving efficiencies, and enhancing the firm’s disaster recovery capabilities while minimizing risks.

Other Intapp software used by Farrer & Co include Intapp Walls, which the firm uses for confidentiality and information security management. The firm migrated from Compliguard Protect to Intapp Walls following the acquisition of The Frayman Group (TFG) by Intapp.

“Farrer & Co has been a trailblazer in law firm cloud adoption. We are thrilled that Farrer & Co is deploying both Intapp Open and Intapp Flow in the cloud, and expanding its use of Intapp to connect a wide range of systems within the firm, integrate data and automate critical business processes,” said Don Coleman, COO, Intapp. “By making it easier than ever for lawyers and staff to access the information they need securely while on the move, and delivering new levels of insight, the Intapp platform is helping the firm accelerate the strategic evaluation and acceptance of new clients and matters.”

About Farrer & Co
With 75 partners and over 400 members of staff, Farrer & Co is synonymous with the highest quality legal advice and service. It advises individuals, families, businesses, financial services, educational and not-for-profit organisations on every aspect of the law, wherever the need arises. With offices in London, the firm works with trusted professionals around the world to deliver a seamless international service. www.farrer.co.uk     

About Intapp
Intapp provides software that enables law firms and other professional services firms to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace by improving operational efficiency, increasing profitability and driving client success. Intapp's practice groups (Risk, Integration, Time and Client Development) focus on understanding existing pressures and emerging trends, and translate this knowledge into products and best practices. Intapp products allow firms to align business operations with strategy and deliver on client expectations. They are recognised as the most advanced in their respective categories — new business intake, conflicts, terms management, confidentiality management, workflow automation, data integration, time recording and experience management.

Serving more than 675 customers, including 93% of the Am Law 100, 90% of the Global 100 and three of the Accounting Top 20, Intapp has cultivated an unparalleled record of customer success and collaborative partner relationships. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with business operations in New York, Atlanta, London, Manchester and Sydney, Intapp offers a unique combination of legal industry expertise, technical innovation, consumer-friendly design and customer-focused business philosophy. For more information, visit www.intapp.com.   

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