America Does its Best to Restrain China?
America Does its Best to Restrain China?
  • Min Sun-young
  • 승인 2010.02.11 07:23
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Global Times, China

Global Times posted an article, “America does their best to restrain China”. Lately, the Chinese have claimed that America tries to outstrip China as it did with the Soviet Union and Japan. America is jealous of China’s success and they will do anything to stop it.

America does everything for national profit. Therefore, if America thinks by oppressing China is the right course of action, America will do it. Now, America is facing an economic recession, it needs to find new opportunities in China, and the Chinese market looks very attractive. On January 27, President Obama stressed, “America's recovery is related to openness of the Chinese market. Under this situation Washington has no way to interrupt Sino-American relations on purpose.”

China complained that America does not admit China is a democracy. Thus, America thinks it is the Cold War, China is their enemy, and America should defeat them. This is why the Obama administration is busy to finding ways out from economic crisis and to grow its profits.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the United States has been accustomed to being the superior partner in Sino-US relations. Therefore, China feels that America is offending them. China is a developing country, its power is growing, and its self-confidence is becoming strong. This is the reason; the US must realize and understand China’s desire for an equal relationship before taking any measures.

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