MemSQL Extends Public Sector Support with AWS GovCloud
MemSQL Extends Public Sector Support with AWS GovCloud
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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MemSQL, provider of the fastest real-time data warehouse, today announced it's among the first partners in the Amazon Web Services GovCloud Marketplace. Federal agencies can now use MemSQL from the AWS GovCloud isolated region and be adherent with government-specific regulatory and compliance requirements.

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According to Statista, data breaches increased almost 500 percent from 2005 to 2014. To keep citizens' data secure, government agencies need to work with trusted technology partners. Utilizing the GovCloud Marketplace, these agencies have access to solutions that provide an additional level of security provided by the AWS GovCloud platform.

“MemSQL is a longstanding partner with the U.S. Government, and being a part of the AWS GovCloud Marketplace means customers have easy access to MemSQL,” said Michael Wallace, Vice President, MemSQL U.S. Government. “This announcement validates our commitment to deliver real-time analytics while protecting sensitive government data.”

In 2014, MemSQL received funding from In-Q-Tel to enhance product security, which resulted in MemSQL achieving the highest security compliance for C2S, GovCloud and its public sector customers. Now, data architects in the public sector looking to adopt a data warehouse can easily select MemSQL to get access to a highly secure solution that fits into any on-premises or hybrid cloud strategy.

This announcement expands on the work MemSQL has done with AWS in the public sector space. Last year, MemSQL announced its participation in the AWS Marketplace for the U.S. Intelligence Community. Being included in these marketplaces means that MemSQL can deliver real-time data warehouse workloads with sub-second processing and reporting in a single, scalable, easy-to-manage solution for government agencies. Additionally, MemSQL recently announced the general availability of its managed service, MemSQL Cloud, which is available to all AWS customers.

AWS Marketplace now enables customers to discover and subscribe to software that supports regulated workloads through AWS Marketplace for AWS GovCloud (U.S.).

You can learn more about the AWS Marketplace here, and check out the Marketplace to start using MemSQL.

About MemSQL
MemSQL envisions a world of adaptable databases and flexible data workloads - your data anywhere in real time. Today, global enterprises and governments use MemSQL as a real-time data warehouse to cost-effectively ingest data and produce industry-leading time to insight. MemSQL works as a managed service, in any cloud or on-premises. Visit or follow us @memsql.

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