iManage Introduces Work 10.1 for Document and Email Management
iManage Introduces Work 10.1 for Document and Email Management
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CHICAGO, Aug. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, today introduced iManage Work 10.1, the newest version of its leading document and email management application for today’s modern professionals. This newest version includes powerful new search and collaboration features to enhance professional productivity and is the first iManage product to feature integration with artificial intelligence from RAVN, recently acquired by iManage.

iManage Work 10 empowers professionals to create, manage and collaborate on all work product from anywhere on any device in a single user experience. “Our end users are actually embracing the IT that’s been provided to them,” said Ross Forgione, CIO, Johnson Winter & Slattery. “iManage Work does what it’s supposed to do, so that our professionals can focus on what they’re supposed to do, which is servicing the clients to our firm’s very high standards.”

Enhanced product integrations now available with iManage Work 10.1 create a platform where organizations can build innovative new solutions spanning Work Product Management, Governance and AI:

  • iManage Share – Users can now share and collaborate with external parties securely from within the modern responsive iManage Work 10 interface. iManage Share supports secure file sharing and addresses many challenges professionals face when sharing information with clients and external parties.
  • iManage Records Manager ­– New integration with iManage’s industry leading records management application enables professionals to see all physical and electronic records directly from within the iManage Work 10 modern responsive interface. This single view of all client related materials facilitates greater adoption of key records initiatives.
  • iManage Security Policy Manager – Integration with iManage Security Policy Manager (SPM) for managing ethical walls and need-to-know security enables iManage Work searches to respect the security policies in SPM. This ensures that content security is maintained across all team members involved in the project.

iManage Work 10.1 is the first iManage product to support integration with iManage RAVN, improving search performance and reducing the cost of search by up to 50%. In addition, once an organization has moved to the RAVN search, implementing AI applications such as M&A due diligence and lease data extraction in the enterprise is faster and easier.

Work 10.1 has a broad global appeal with international language support in French, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Additionally, iManage technology partners are developing localized versions in Chinese and a Japanese version is expected to be available by the end of October.

iManage partners continue to develop powerful and innovative solutions and training programs to support Work 10. Technology and training partners must pass a series of criteria to become Work 10-optimized. Current Work 10-optimized partners include Capensys, DocsCorp, EncoreTech, Leaflet, Litera, Micro Strategies, NovaPlex Business Solutions, Onit, Phoenix Business Solutions, RBRO, Savvy, The Payne Group, ThreadKM, Traveling Coaches, Trinogy, WordTech and Workshare. “We are very excited about the integrations with the iManage 10 Professional Experience as it provides significantly more integration points and faster workflows than possible previously,” said Dean Sappey, President, DocsCorp.

“The launch of iManage Work 10 earlier this year was a game changer for Work Product Management,” said Shawn Misquitta, Vice-President of Product Management, iManage. “This release extends the capabilities and enhanced user experience beyond document management to security, governance and collaboration, enabling organizations to build powerful solutions for today’s challenges.”

iManage Work 10.1 is delivered through elastic cloud-scale services or as an on-premises deployment. For more information, including purchase and availability information, visit the iManage website.

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iManage transforms how professionals in legal, accounting and financial services get work done by combining the power of artificial intelligence with market leading document and email management. iManage automates routine cognitive tasks, provides powerful insights and streamlines how professionals work, while maintaining the highest level of security and governance over critical client and corporate data. Over one million professionals at over 3,000 organizations in over 65 countries – including more than 2,000 law firms and 500 corporate legal departments – rely on iManage to deliver great client work.

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