RapidFire Tools and Tigerpaw Teach MSPs How to Capture More Business Through Network Assessment
RapidFire Tools and Tigerpaw Teach MSPs How to Capture More Business Through Network Assessment
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ATLANTA, Aug. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RapidFire Tools, Inc., the developers of the Network Detective IT assessment solutions, announces it has combined forces with business automation software developer Tigerpaw to offer a new educational webinar for managed services providers, to be held on August 17 at 2:00 p.m. ET.  The session, “Leveraging Network Assessments to Close More Managed Services Business,” will teach MSPs how to increase managed services sales and generate new projects using the Network Detective IT assessment tools and the Tigerpaw One PSA platform. MSPs can use the Network Detective IT assessment tools to create new selling opportunities and Tigerpaw One to manage the sales process throughout the entire organization – from working the deals, to creating quotes, generating proposals and contracts, onboarding clients and sending invoices.

The two presenters, RapidFire Tools’ Vice President of Sales Mark Winter and Tigerpaw’s CEO James Foxall, will walk MSPs through the complete sales process, explaining how to position and deliver IT assessments to close new business, while efficiently managing all their additional business needs via one platform.

In addition to working together to educate MSPs on how to grow their businesses, RapidFire Tools has also built an integration which allows all the users and assets discovered by Network Detective during the assessments to be directly imported into Tigerpaw One. The assets are imported as configuration items with comprehensive details about each device appropriately mapped in Tigerpaw One, and all individual users discovered through Active Directory pulled-in as customer contacts in Tigerpaw One. The webinar is part of an ongoing effort to support the integration.

“IT assessments are one of the most compelling ways to convert leads into new customers, and to generate new projects among existing clients,” said Mike Mittel, president and CEO at RapidFire Tools. “By utilizing an efficient portfolio of integrated tools, managed service providers can easily enter an unknown networking environment and come away with irrefutable evidence of the end-user’s vulnerabilities. Assessment reports can expose a vast array of hidden configuration issues and security threats, which can lead to serious network compromises if left unaddressed. We’re excited to open this dialog with Tigerpaw’s customers, providing them with a potent tool by which to increase business.”

“Sophisticated PSA solutions allow the MSP to juggle multiple balls in the air without fear anything dropping,” said Tigerpaw’s Foxall. “The key to success in selling is having the entirety of your prospect data in one location, from the first contact, on through to when the MSP closes a lead as a customer, and beyond. Tigerpaw One captures every email, note, proposal, quote, and service ticket, every billable hour, appointment, and invoice–contributed by all personnel within the organization. That makes new business everyone’s business, and allows sales reps to wear multiple hats in a seamless, effective manner.”

To learn more, managed services providers can register for the event here. Or discover the benefits of network assessment at rapidfiretools.com. Learn more about Tigerpaw One at tigerpaw.com.

About RapidFire Tools and Network Detective

Network Detective by RapidFire Tools is the #1 non-invasive IT assessment tool used by thousands of service providers around the world. It acquires a vast amount of network data—including assets, users, configurations, and vulnerabilities—and generates a wide array of professionally designed, completely brandable reports by the MSP. Network Detective includes a series of different IT assessment and IT compliance modules, each sold separately or in bundles through low-cost, annual subscriptions. RapidFire Tools also offers a line of software appliances that deliver deeper assessments, cybersecurity alerts, and enhanced remote automation. All products are sold with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Visit rapidfiretools.com, or call 678-323-1300, ext. 2.

CONTACT: Contact: Bob Vogel
RapidFire Tools, Inc.

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