Leader in Customer 360 Insights Embeds Zoomdata to Power Customer Intelligence Management  
Leader in Customer 360 Insights Embeds Zoomdata to Power Customer Intelligence Management  
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SAN MATEO, Calif., Aug. 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zoomdata, developers of the world's fastest visual analytics platform for big and streaming data, today announced that AllSight has embedded Zoomdata into the market’s first standalone Customer Intelligence Management system to achieve a complete understanding of customers. Recently incorporated as an independent software provider after being incubated within Toronto-based information management consulting and technology services provider, InfoTrellis, AllSight enables enterprises to find, gather and analyze customer data in seconds across disparate sources.

The combination of AllSight and Zoomdata enables organizations to more efficiently convert prospects to customers, improve the customer experience, expand the customer relationship, and retain the best customers for a business. AllSight captures a huge volume and variety of customer data across a wide range of devices and channels, leveraging big data technology such as Apache Hadoop, Spark and Elasticsearch, among other data sources. Zoomdata is seamlessly embedded into the AllSight user experience to visualize and analyze this data. Zoomdata gives instant customer behavior insights through segmented charts using the entire customer data set, for example heat maps representing sentiment by state, word clouds identifying key phrases across the entire customer base, transactional information associated with store locations, and using third party sources such as weather patterns. Aggregated visualization empowers marketing analysts to create unique market segments and drill-down to the individual level for further investigation.

Zoomdata is the first vendor to offer a purpose-built platform that delivers interactive query and analysis capabilities for next generation big and streaming data analytic applications. The latest release of Zoomdata brings unmatched performance with its breakthrough, patented high-definition data sharpening technology for visualizations and analytics for data volumes and speeds at the next order of magnitude.

“Most organizations still struggle to bring together customer data from structured and unstructured silos. In fact, 88% of customer data is unused," said David Corrigan, CEO, AllSight. “Organizations have struggled to adapt and evolve existing Master Data Management to meet this challenge. They also struggle with enterprise data lakes that can store various data formats, but do nothing to stitch it together into a proper customer context.”

AllSight is the first Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) System, a pre-built system that manages data, analyzes it, and acts upon those insights. AllSight’s synthesis engine can match data fragments to other data fragments to form the Customer 360 record from the ground up, and it also excels at matching existing records with a very high degree of accuracy.

“Customer 360 solutions may deliver the highest ROI in Big Data analytics today,” said Nick Halsey, COO, Zoomdata. “Zoomdata can take all the data aggregated by AllSight CIM and presents in an easily understood, interactive, real-time interface.”

AllSight empowers customer-centric organizations to make customer insights actionable,

  • Consolidated Customer 360 – AllSight’s synthesis engine excels at linking data fragments and existing customer records into a complete customer 360 record. By assigning data confidence levels to each link, AllSight can present different perspectives based on the confidence required for business usage such as marketing or operations.
  • ​Intelligent Customer 360 – AllSight contains pre-built analytic functions that reason and understand what is truly important within the Customer 360. Intelligent attributes are inferred, providing the building blocks for deeper analytics and insight.
  • ​Insightful Customer 360 – AllSight includes aggregate-level customer dashboards and graphs, built upon a strong foundation of accurate and complete customer data at the individual record level. AllSight is integrated with Zoomdata for visualization and analysis of the Customer 360 data store.

Learn more about AllSight Customer Intelligence Management: https://www.allsight.com/chief-marketing-officer

This new technology collaboration will help enterprises:

  • Explore modern data platforms designed for cost-effective and scalable storage and the processing of new data types high in volume, velocity and variety;
  • Tackle Big Data workloads with speed-of-thought response times;
  • Leverage existing investments by analyzing data from a broad set of Big Data sources and modern data lake technologies including Hadoop, NoSQL and search-based stores.

Learn more about embedding Zoomdata into your application: https://www.zoomdata.com/embedded-analytics/

About Zoomdata, Inc.
Zoomdata develops the world's fastest visual analytics solution for big data. Using patented data sharpening and micro-query technologies, Zoomdata empowers business users to visually consume data in seconds, even across tens of billions of rows of data. Zoomdata Fusion enables interactive analytics across disparate data sources, bridging modern and legacy data architectures, blending real-time streams and historical data, and unifying enterprise data with data in the cloud. Delivered in a microservices architecture for elastic scalability, Zoomdata runs on premises, in the cloud or embedded in an application. With offices in Chicago, New York, San Mateo, CA and Reston, VA, Zoomdata is venture-backed by Accel, Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Comcast Ventures, Goldman Sachs, NEA and Razor's Edge.

About AllSight
Based in Toronto, Canada, AllSight was founded with one purpose – to help organizations get more value out of their data. From its inception, AllSight’s vision has remained constant: We help companies utilize modern technologies that consolidate & transform fragmented data into intelligent and actionable data to be consumed by business users. AllSight (www.allSight.com) Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) system is the culmination of that vision – an intelligent data management system. AllSight is a pre-built system that manages any source of customer data, synthesizes it into a real customer 360, and produces intelligent customer data complete with enrichments, insights, and actions for each customer.

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