Speed & Security in the Software-Defined Datacenter - A Tradeoff Enterprises Don’t Have to Make
Speed & Security in the Software-Defined Datacenter - A Tradeoff Enterprises Don’t Have to Make
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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. and DALLAS, Aug. 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE/Korea IT Times) -- As business demands accelerate adoption of software-defined datacenters (SDCC), the question has become “Where does security fit” With its Intelligent Security Management platform, FireMon advances security management to support the speed and security required for adoption of this next generation of networks. The platform, and its ability to provide real-time visibility and automated analysis for security controls and data within microsegmented environments, will be available for demonstration in Booth #1413 August 27-30 at the VMworld 2017 conference in Las Vegas.

In its 2017 State of the Firewall Report, FireMon found that 67% of organizations have adopted or have plans to adopt SDN with VMware NSX® being the most popular solution under consideration. The continued evolution of networking adds a layer of complexity in management, and especially security. Already resource-strapped security teams are being pressured to move faster all while maintaining the network’s security posture.

The FireMon platform aims to support security teams caught in the transition, providing a holistic, centralized view of security policy and data across the entire infrastructure. This enables organizations to automate management of SDN products or network virtualization platforms such as VMware NSX next to their traditional, on-premises firewalls for consistent, cross-platform management of security controls.

“The cyberthreat landscape continues to grow and constant security vigilance at the cloud, storage, desktop, server and network layer is more critical than ever – regardless of where those resources reside,” said Tim Woods, Vice President of Technology Alliances, FireMon. “Enterprise-wide scale, visibility and automation are no longer a nice-to-have but requirements for these hybrid network deployments. And the FireMon platform is uniquely positioned to deliver on that requirement.”

The current release of FireMon’s Intelligent Security Management platform supports the following capabilities for VMware NSX:

  • Visibility policy changes and data inside the NSX ecosystem
  • Complete policy usage and data analytics spanning hybrid environments
  • Ability to analyze protocol, service and application flows
  • Monitoring and alerting for compliance across hybrid environments
  • Enterprise-wide, natural-language search to instantly research any device or rule and assess security risk
  • Data orchestration and analysis across hybrid environments

“Collaborating with FireMon helps to deliver a sophisticated virtualized network to enterprises around the globe,” said Brian Lazear, senior director, product management, Networking and Security Business Unit, VMware. “Their support for the NSX platform will help mutual customers adopt new networking paradigms with confidence.”

FireMon will be attending VMworld 2017 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. To inquire about a demo or meeting at the event, click here

About FireMon
FireMon is the No.1 provider of Intelligent Security Management solutions worldwide, combining advanced benchmarking, simulation, and analysis to deliver next generation security intelligence. Since creating the first-ever network security management solution 15 years ago, FireMon solutions have continued to deliver visibility into and control over complex network security infrastructure, policies, and risk to over 1,500 customers around the world.

Using the FireMon Intelligent Security Management platform, today’s leading enterprise organizations, government agencies, and managed security providers have dramatically improved effectiveness of network defenses, accelerating business agility and optimizing return on investment. For more information or a free 30-day trial, visit www.firemon.com

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