iView Displays Showcase in CIOE 2017
iView Displays Showcase in CIOE 2017
  • By Kim Min-ji (info@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2017.09.13 15:26
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HONG KONG, Sept. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE/Korea IT Times) -- The 19th session of CIOE China International Optotoelectric Expo held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center just ended. iView Displays participated at the event for the first time to showcase several new projection engines and applications, which attracted many visitors’ attention, and was reported by the media, including CCTV.

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A DLP projection engine at 1700 lumens was hung at the middle of the booth and it attracted a lot of attention. This is currently the highest projection engine with LED light source, which is 3 times brighter than the other DLP projector at the market. The projector with this engine will be launched at the end of this year. In order to showcase the performance, another engine was placed on the table for visitors to have a closer look.

On the other side, an ultra short throw interactive projection engine was shown. The ultra short throw projector has been used in various different product categories, such as advertising, 3D dynamic projection, and gaming with hand gesture function, so that the scope of application is wide.

The application of small projection engine is more comprehensive. iView Displays showed the world's thinnest pico projection engine embedded in the famous Moto Mods projector for Moto Z mobile phone, automotive HUD, smart projector with surpassing exterior, and smart home device with interactive projection. The innovative application leads the projection technology to reach a new way of living of "projection everywhere."

About iView – iView Displays is the world's leading pico projection engine supplier. The company's products are supplied to the various international brand of projection products and applications, such as PHILIPS, ASUS, SK Telecom, Motorola and Lenovo, etc. The product category is wide, like mobile devices embedded ultra compact module, mobile phone accessories products and home entertainment and office use of large power modules. In addition, iView Displays pico projection engines are also applied to a variety of industrial and medical fields, such as automotive head up display, 3D scanning and printing, as well as the medical vein finders.

iView Displays is investing in the pico projection technology innovation and involves the design and development of electronic design and the application for daily life, business, and certain science aspects. The company is committed to improve living experience and the commercial opportunity for the projection industry. iView Displays keeps involving the innovation development, and also keeps on the improvement, to establish a high value ecosystem for customers and business partners in the pico projection industry.

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