Government Crackdowns on Initial Coin Offerings are Causing Shockwaves Throughout Cryptocurrency Markets.
Government Crackdowns on Initial Coin Offerings are Causing Shockwaves Throughout Cryptocurrency Markets.
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[Northampton,UK] The recent and increasingly severe government crackdowns on Initial Coin Offerings are causing
shockwaves throughout cryptocurrency markets. This underscores the desperate need for
trustworthy platforms in the face of increasing global regulation: enter the Seratio Platform ICO and
Seratio Token (SER). Developed by the world’s leading think-tank on the movement of value, CCEG,
this is the first ever ICO in the UK regulatory framework.

The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) is a British think-tank and not-forprofit
university spin-out, establishing the Seratio Platform with the support of the UN Blockchain
Lab. As a UK-registered company already operating in a highly regulated environment, CCEG is
strongly committed to compliance with all regulatory requirements.
Seratio Token is supported by the major Bitcoin miner and prolific investor Chandler Guo, as well as
a host of cryptocurrency regulatory, security and legal experts, and CCEG’s more than 60,000
members and 7000 Heads of Corporate Social Responsibility. Uniquely, the extensive research and
academic networks across Europe, Asia and the Americas add further weight and intellectual backing
to this ICO.

Since 2011 CCEG’s financial and non-financial metrics measuring Total Value of transactions have
underpinned global legislation and been internationally recognised as a standard. The trend of fly-
by-night ICO schemes has eroded the trust of both investors and authorities and this is where the
not-for-profit CCEG meets the needs of the market as a legally compliant cryptocurrency platform.
CCEG has created a vision for a Circular Economy of Currencies based on Values, simultaneously
capturing both financial and non-financial value in any transaction. This is the first time Total Value
will be recorded and transacted on a blockchain with mass adoption. The distinctive feature of the
Seratio Token is the ability to capture the financial assets, microshares and provenance of
transactions involving people, products, processes, projects and organisations.

The Seratio Token is also the first issue of a resilient Ethereum token under UK regulatory
frameworks. Ethereum has the best-developed infrastructure and is well adopted within the
cryptocurrency community - CCEG believes the use of ETH and ETC will trigger wider and easier
adoption of the platform to aid and accelerate the growth of Cryptocurrencies with Values.
The Seratio Enterprise Blockchain Platform is an all-in-one blockchain environment with three key
distinguishing themes:

* Cryptocurrency (financial assets) linked to intangible value and sets of values
* Tokenised Currency (non-financial assets) linked to intangible value and sets of values
* Provenance (financial and non-financial assets) via traceability, recording and tracking

This allows users to track the value and impact they make, and most importantly profit from it in
many different ways. The platform allows entities (whether individuals, companies, organisations,
institutions, etc.) to earn, transact, spend, trade and monitor their digital assets. This ability to
transact value has been rigorously tested over the past three years in the private, public and
academic sectors.

The SER will function as a parent currency for the growing Seratio Community, with coins reliant on
the Seratio platform reflecting the worth of specific values to specific people, including coins and
tokens that promote the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Among 35+ existing
commissions, there is a pipeline of signed commissions of future Alt-Coins scheduled for release in
2018, such as the Women’s Coin, City Coin, Faith Coin, Edu Coin, and Leadership Coin. The release of
Seratio Alt-Coins will accelerate adoption of the SER token, resulting in a large, expanding
Community where Seratio token value will continue to grow.

Seratio Platform ICO Key Facts:
* The Pre-ICO begins 15th September 2017 with a range of discounts starting as high as 50%
* The ICO begins 1st October and ends 31st October 2017
* Currencies accepted include four cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC) and all
fiat currencies (UK£, US$, EU€, etc.). Standard KYC (know-your-customer) and AML (antimoney-laundering)
safeguards are implemented
* Independently listed on Live Bitcoin News as one of the two ‘Most Promising ICOs for
September, 2017’:

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