Merck Social Translating Project launch with Goethe-Institut Korea
Merck Social Translating Project launch with Goethe-Institut Korea
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Merck Social Translating Project Glenn Young(right) and Dr. Marla Stukenberg

Merck Korea (Managing Director: Glenn Young), a global science and technology company and Goethe-Institut Korea (Executive Director: Dr. Marla Stukenberg), announced on November 14, the launch of the Merck Social Translating Project for sharing, exchanging and experimenting with a new social practice in digital space.

Since 2009, Merck Korea has been introducing an impressive variety of Korean artwork to the world using calendars as part of its Corporate Responsibility programs. On occasion of the 350 years anniversary of Merck and 50 years of Goethe-Institut Korea in 2018, Merck agreed to cooperate on a literary project named “Merck Social Translating Project” - in Partnership with the Goethe-Institut, to establish cross-border networks of translators for disseminating contemporary German literature in 10 Asian countries. Thus, 10 different languages editions will be introduced at Seoul International Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair in 2018.

"The project's focus is not only on translation itself but also, to enable communication such as sharing cultural understanding and an exchange of ideas directly between translators and with the author on a digital platform. At the same time, this project will give good momentum to share Merck perspective on content and technology for future generations within context of cultural particularism. We insist on staying curious and want to continuously improve ourselves: as a company, as an employer and as a responsible contributor to society '" said Glenn Young, Managing Director of Merck Korea.

As a prelude to the project, ten translators from Asia will meet and launch the Merck Social Translating Project with the work of renowned German author Thomas Melle on November 13-14, 2017 at the Goethe-Institut Seoul and a social translating discourse will begin on the book “The world at your back”. Translations will cover 10 Asian languages: Bengali, Chinese (traditional, simplified), Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Mongolian, Sinhalese, Thai and Vietnamese.

"Translations play an important role in the work of the Goethe-Institut in making literature works from German-speaking authors known abroad. With the Social Translating Project, we provide translators with an innovative tool for literary translation. Translators and author Melle accepted our invitation to social translating with great enthusiasm. All are in the mood to break up the image of the lonely translator in the digital age. A group of outstanding translators were selected for the project through the Goethe-Instituts in Asian countries. An internet platform with social functions will be used for the project as it allows notes on the text of the e-book and consecutive comments by the participating translators and the author”, emphasized Dr. Marla Stukenberg, Goethe-Institut Korea.

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