A Way to Prevent War with Revelation of Secrets of Nature
A Way to Prevent War with Revelation of Secrets of Nature
  • By Jung Yeon-tae (johnjung56@gmail.com)
  • 승인 2017.12.20 00:56
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Jung Yeon-tae, Chairman of the 4th Industrial Revolution Policy Forum

In the human history, the most brutal and biggest crime is war. Nevertheless, war has been repeated so many times. Viewing the global history, most wars broke out between neighboring countries. For instance, Japan and China invaded Korea by turns. They are provisional foes.

When there was a big difference in national power, unification through absorption was made, and when there was little difference, a fierce battle always broke out. In such a war, the winner was always the attempter of a preemptive strike. In the confrontation state anticipating the opponent's attack, both sides suffered from enormous power loss with no decision on the outcome of the war.

However, if the one side carries out a surprise attack when the other side is in the defenseless state or feel safe, the chance of winning is high. Accordingly, information is life for war! The date and timing to start war and the place for invasion are applicable to a top secret among top secrets. It is because our forces can get counterattack and suffer annihilation in case that such information is leaked to enemy.

In a war, accordingly, an internal enemy or spy is subject to be shot dead on the spot. In a war, we must win unconditionally. A loser becomes a criminal. The history is written by a winner. In a war, logic and excuse are unnecessary. War is accompanied by numerous casualties. It is best to avoid war if possible. However, if we should wage war, we should be the winner.

Of the ways to prevent war, the best one is to use the revelation of the secrets of nature inversely. Predicting and foretelling the future is possible only for those who studied four pillars of destiny or those who have the power to foresee the future by practicing asceticism. These days, some people forecast diseases of society or political phenomenon through Big Data analysis. Their common point, however, is that the result begins to miss the target at the moment when the predicted result is revealed to the public.

It is because the surrounding environment starts to react inversely as soon as the result is revealed. One of the representative examples is the disclosure of predicted materials on stock information. In case that a stock predicting result of a specific item is not opened to the public, it moves as anticipated. But, if it is opened to newspaper or broadcasting, it begins to wander off the result as stock investors start to react from the moment when it is revealed.

In the U.S. presidential election, a number of Big Data experts and predictors anticipated the victory of Hillary Clinton. But the final result was the victory of Trump. Although there are many cause analyses on the result, revealing the predicted result is a big variable and a factor possessing the heaviest weight. Nevertheless, it is a part that cannot be reflected to a prediction formula or theory.

Accordingly, it seems to be the reason why the word prohibiting from revealing the secrets of nature has been passed on generation after generation. If we use what the revelation of the secrets of nature causes a different result reversely, we can prevent many misfortunes. It can be understood in the same vein when a prior crime crackdown or a period for crackdown on drunken drivers was opened to the public through broadcasting, the number of accidents reduced significantly.

Under the present situation that South and North Korea are confronting sharply each other, a positive attitude can prevent a war, rather than a passive attitude that a war should not break out. When the representatives of the political parties and all the people, express their firm will not to hesitate to wage war in a single voice, we can deter North Korea's provocations. 

Now the political circles being caught in populism are showing coward and weak attitudes. From the viewpoint of North Korea, it seems to go well. It should not be forgotten that we can deter a war when strongly support the U.S. plan to launch a preemptive strike on North Korea. Considering what the U.S. and China are imposing a strong pressure such as a preemptive strike and the stoppage of oil supply on North Korea in a bid to prevent its 6th nuclear test, North Korea is losing ground. Provisionally, it may stop reckless provocations.

Now North Korea is on the final stage of nuclear missile development. North Korea can survive when completing the program and showing it. Even if North Korea postpones the nuclear test this time, it will make another attempt again in the near future.

It seems to hope that the regime will be unstable and the fear of North Korea will spread further and the will of resistance will calm down. For North Korea, it will be the D-day when the U.S. and China are exhausted or turn their eyes to other direction.

In the complicated battle of wits and psychological warfare with Kim Jung-un, we should be a stroke above him to attain the reunification without war. Out of numerous cases considering internal and external situations, only one clear thing is that we will lose all cards and be on the verge of surrender at the moment when we fear war.

We should not forget this clear truth.


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