Things You Need to Know in Case of Outbreak of War
Things You Need to Know in Case of Outbreak of War
  • By Jung Yeon-tae, Chairman of the 4th Industrial R
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Jung Yeon-tae, Chairman of the 4th Industrial Revolution Policy Forum

The U.S. and North Korea are in an extreme confrontation. Regardless of our will and position, the U.S. may attack North Korea right now. The problem is that the government seems not to make efforts to let the people know about a “drill in preparation of war,” or “what we should do in case of war,” just saying “war should not be broken out,” even in the situation that nobody knows when the war breaks out.

Now all the people should prepare for a possible war. Let’s check articles known as a “war survival kit,” “disaster survival kit,” “nuclear safety backpack kit,” “war survival backpack,” “nuclear backpack,” “nuclear safety pack,” and “nuclear war survival pack.”

In case of war evacuation, I’d like to explain about an evacuation drill in the following two cases _ if attacked by “conventional weapons” such as long-range missiles and if attacked by “chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons” such as nuclear weapons and bacterium like anthrax bacillus. You need to read this once and it will help you avoid possible danger.


[If attacked by North Korea’s long-range missiles] 

It should be remembered that long-range missiles with the range of 40~70 kilometers could fly in an arc from a place near the Military Demarcation Line of the north. The power of long-range missile shell is similar to that of a big stone, not that of nuclear bomb. If you are not hit by it directly, it will not affect your life. 

<The most dangerous place> 

*You should not be on the road. The most dangerous place is on the road as fragments of shell scatter.

*You should not be on the north side of apartment or high-rise building or under building on the north side. Because it will fly from the north and the north side plays a role of folding screen.

*You should not go to a shelter or underpass with an entrance pointing north. Because bomb may fall on the ground and rolls in the shelter.

*The north side of mountain is the place where bomb drops usually.


<Safe place> 

* Underground parking lot of high-rise building or apartment is the safest place.

* Because bomb does not fall on the south side of or under apartment or high-rise building.

* As bomb will fly from the north, the foot of mountain on the south is the safest place.


{Reference details}

In distance, it is difficult for long-range missiles to reach as far as south of Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province. Long-range missiles lack precision so that the chances of falling on important building are very low. Accordingly, they are likely to drop on unpredictable places such as road, mountain, apartment complex or river. If 50,000 shots are fired, most of them will be blind shells or drop to wrong places such as fields, paddies or mountain. A few bombs are expected to cause damage. As a result, those who know guidelines on emergency evacuation well are likely to be freed from damage actually.

Considering that war does not break out during the daytime usually, you don’t have to worry about it seriously. However, if a siren alert sounds abruptly outside during the daytime, you need to escape to underground passage. As it gives you enough time to escape after the siren alert sounds, you don’t have to worry about it seriously.

If a war breaks out at night, the possibility is high that it will be between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. Accordingly, you need to prepare such important things as telephone and radio in advance and escape to underground parking lot of building or apartment with them. The best method is to purchase a “survival kit,” or “nuclear safe backpack kit” in case of war in advance. 

It is better not to escape with a car. As soon as you come out with a car, the road will change to a large parking lot, forcing you to be trapped. On the road, you may be damaged seriously.


[If attacked by nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological weapons] 

It is not easy to survive if attacked by nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological weapons! Its damage scale is very big and it is a dangerous material. Unless you are well prepared in advance, it is impossible to survive.

In case of being attacked by nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological weapons, wave of sirens sound continuously. In reality, however, sirens are unlikely to sound before the attacks of nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological weapons. Considering South Korea’s national emergency response system, the possibility is very low that it will realize nuclear missile attack or attack by chemical, biological or radiological weapons in advance and sound wave of sirens. 

In case of attacking South Korea by using such germ bombs as anthrax bacillus, the possibility is high that North Korea will use “drones,” rather than one loaded with missiles.

Drones loaded with 20~30kg anthrax bacillus can come over to South Korea secretly in the air without being caught by radar.

If you listen to wave of sirens, the possibility is high that a nuclear bomb has already dropped or attack by chemical, biological or radiological weapons was made.

In case of being attacked by chemical, biological or radiological weapons, you should endure the most severe 48 hours. In preparation for the case, you need to prepare or buy a “survival kit,” or “nuclear safety backpack kit.” 

Items to be included in the "survival backpack kit (nuclear safety backpack kit)" are as follows.

*Mask against poison gas during NBC warfare & filter, NBC protective clothing, protective gloves, NBC protective overshoes, etc.

*Multi-tools for various purposes, radio for disaster, flashlight, waterproof match, candle, emergency flint, portable water purifier, heat-retaining silver-foiled blanket, double gloves for various purposes, germicidal soap, multi-functional tape, and other general items

*Such emergency medicine and medical supplies as medical scissors, tweezers, disinfecting fluid, ointment, Vaseline, compress, saline solution, sterilized gauze, plaster and spray for burn should be furnished. These items should be prepared in a range of 25~30 items. 

If you are not a specialist, however, it is not easy to select which mask against poison gas, which NBC protective filter and what kind of company product. Accordingly, you can reduce cost and save time by purchasing a "survival backpack kit (nuclear safety backpack kit)" recommended by disaster experts.

Major items of “goods for evacuation” include drinking water, food, cooking set and blanket (Attention: “goods for evacuation” are separated from “survival kit”). You have enough time to prepare for these items individually and it is not difficult. Accordingly, they are not included in the "survival backpack kit (nuclear safety backpack kit)."


{Reference details} 

If attacked by nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological weapons, you should escape to the deepest place of the nearest underground parking lot. It is the safest to park a car in the deepest place of underground parking lot for the minimum 3 months. It is because the space where my car parked becomes my bedroom and concurrently warehouse in case of actual battle. 

You should always keep sleeping bag, dried food and beverage in your car. 

In case of hearing wave of siren sound, you should shoulder the "survival kit” (“nuclear backpack,” “nuclear safety backpack kit”) you prepared and enter underground parking lot immediately!

When you see flashing light, you should not look at it to confirm it! (Caution: human beings instinctively look at the direction of light!)

When you sniff strange smell, you should not sniff again to confirm it! (Caution: human beings instinctively sniff to confirm smell!)

After purchasing a mask against poison gas, you must wear and confirm it in advance! (Only in case of necessity, you should wear it. The effective availability period of filter is 45 minutes). You must wear a mask against poison gas on the face after wearing NBC protective clothing.

You should not walk away with such valuables as cash or bankbook in case of evacuation. Instead, keep them in a safe at home that can resist fire. In case of the outbreak of war, the chances are high that intentional arsons will happen here and there.

By Jung Yeon-tae, Chairman of the 4th Industrial Revolution Policy Forum

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