The Key to Successful Blockchain Era 'Do the Right Thing'
The Key to Successful Blockchain Era 'Do the Right Thing'
  • By Im Byoung-min (
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Im Byoung-min Chairman of Agerigna (

In Australia, they often use the expression ‘Do the right thing!’ We can say ‘Do the right thing!’in various situations like a various weather expression such as Beautiful day, Wonderful day, blue sky, warmly day, Fantastic day, lovely day. For example, if you see this sign beside a wastebasket, you can interpret it ‘Put your waste in wastebasket!’Roughly speaking, it means ‘put your right idea into practice.’

New year has begun. In the beginning of 2018 each person has his own wish, and it can be said a success or a happiness. If they set up the right goal and achieve it with right think, they can feel more fulfilled - satisfied and happy. For that we should constantly ask yourself some questions such as ‘Am I doing something worthwhile ’, ‘am I doing my best’ or ‘Do I contribute to society.

Change of the world is very fast. Recently blockchain is getting the spotlight as one of core technologies in the fourth industrial revolution with big data, AI and so on. The reason why block chain technology is important is the right that it lead people to onto the right path. It’s the path of trust. ‘How can you do the right thing’, ‘How much did you ever care about others and do the right thing’ Block chain can authorize them with technology.

We are improving transparency in the whole process such as a contract, purchase, order, supply, sale, payment and ownership based on credit in cyber environment of the web mobility age. A bond of sympathy about security developed between people by the future block chain. It’s because people has good nature. Block chain industry will change many things, for example, fake news will disappear and it can be used in the election, need for an institutional framework to prevent harmful effect from the money laundering with Bitcoin.

A small company can make a credible trade platform with blockchain,it can improve transparency of trade environment. It can also decrease risk with authorizing identification through a visible distributed ledger. Block chain will lead the future age with distributed monitoring, protecting risk of SW bug and quantum computing and autonomous system based on distributed parallel. Block chain will improve government efficiency and make the speed up. Besides, it will make opportunities of a new industry with changing existing technologies and processes. we should have a time to improve awareness of blockchain through education about its innovations.

In the blockchain era the secret of the success is the only one, “Do the right thing!” We should choose the right thing, and if we do that, don’t need to be afraid of failure, and we should do our best as well. We have our own path. The path is made by someone’s choice and modified. Someone pioneers a new way with curiosity, and others hesitated to go at fork in road and the others just walk on the paved way without any think. Whatever way you go in 2018, “Do the right thing !” If you appreciate everything and go right way, you will be able to be happy.


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