Truth Forum Announces a Statement
Truth Forum Announces a Statement
  • Jung Yeon-tae
  • 승인 2018.02.26 13:14
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Truth Forum announced a statement of opposition to the Moon Jae-in government on February 26 at the Foreign Press Conference. Truth 
Forum is a student organization that started at Seoul National University in 2017. It is now joined by forty-three Truth Forums of different universities in South Korea, forming the Truth Alliance.

Korea IT Times release the original content of the statement without any editing.

1. PyeongChang ‘Peace Olympics’ is a fraud! We denounce the Moon Jae-in administration for using the Olympic Games to make false peace with North Korea. 

The Munich Agreement that appeased Hitler for peace ended up in failure, which is followed by the Second World War. Likewise, while bluntly ignoring the realities of the totalitarian slave-state of North Korea and its devastating human rights violations, the Moon administration’s false peace narrative with North Korea is putting our national security and our liberal democratic system at tremendous risk. 

The Moon administration’s policy of appeasement has also been counterproductive to the international community’s sanctions against North Korea. We cannot accept the Moon administration’s efforts to turn the PyeongChang Olympics into an event for promoting North Korea’s propaganda at the risk of undermining ROK-US alliance. Furthermore, inviting the hardline North Korean general Kim Yong-chol, who is responsible for the attack on the Cheonan battleship and Yeonpyeong island that killed fifty sailors, soldiers, and civilians, is an unacceptable insult not only to the family of the deceased but to the South Korean public.

2. The international community should see clearly who president Moon really is and what South Korea’s “democratic movement” of the 1980s was really about. 

President Moon is commonly introduced as a former democratic activist and human rights lawyer. However, the democratic movement of the 1980s in South Korea should not be praised uncritically because the movement at its core had North Korea's Kim Il Sung Juche ideology followers, who sought to subvert the liberal democratic system and market economy of the Republic of Korea. 
The international community should be aware of the fact that there are many groups and organizations that are taking advantage of the freedom and tolerance of liberal democracy to take root in our society under the guidance of the North Korean regime and its ideology.
 These groups consider the US to be the cause of Korea’s division, and devalue American support for building our liberal democratic institution as a mere ploy of American capitalist imperialism. Hence, they deny the values and principles of the liberal democracy of the Republic of Korea and denounce its rapid economic growth and societal progress of the last 70 years. Even though they take advantage of all the freedom and rights to live and prosper in this state system, they deny the very origin and identity of our liberal democratic republic. 
Their version of democracy is that of the people’s democracy of North Korea, which is not about the people, but this fact has been over-shadowed by the so-called “democratic movement” which continues to create confusion in South Korea on what liberal democracy really means. The international community should recall the cases of West Germany and South Vietnam. Gunter Guillaume, who was a close aide of the Chancellor Willy Brandt of West Germany, turned out to be a secret agent of East Germany. South Vietnam's presidential candidate in 1967 was later revealed to be a communist spy. There is a grave concern among many South Koreans that the Republic of Korea may be facing a similar attempt at subversion by the North Korea followers in South Korea.  

3. We urge the Moon administration to stop its efforts to change the Constitution. 

Constitutional reform should be carried forward when there is sufficient political stability and social consensus. The South Korean society is now severely divided since the impeachment of our president merely a year ago. Many are furiously concerned by the Moon administration for its socialist leanings and outright pro-North Korea stances. The Moon administration's anxious attempt to change our Constitution in the midst of all this commotion is completely unreasonable. Moreover, risks and threats to the international community are at their highest due to North Korea's nuclear weapons. Given both our internal and external circumstances we face today, there are no reasonable grounds to push ahead for a Constitutional reform at this vulnerable stage. 

In fact, there are sincere concerns that such a rash reform effort may be hijacked by those who seek to subvert our liberal democratic free market system. Already, the Constitutional reform drafts propose to delete “liberal” from “liberal democracy,” the very foundational concept of freedom that defines the Republic of Korea, which separates it from North Korea. The Moon administration should stop aggravating political instability and social commotion, and instead focus on strengthening our national security and liberal democratic values. We demand the Moon Jae-in administration and the national assembly to immediately stop its efforts to change our Constitution!

4. We call for a strong ROK-US alliance!

The alliance between the United States and the Republic of Korea is forged in blood. Without the sacrifice of the American people, the Republic of Korea would not exist today. Their noble sacrifices to secure our lives and freedom have not been in vain. Many South Korean people are furious against the Moon administration for its attempts to damage this ROK-US alliance. We sincerely insist that the US to continue to cooperate with the South Korean people who support Korea's reunification under the principle of freedom and liberal democracy which is shared by the American people, and to unite with our efforts to liberate the people of North Korea. 

Weakening of the ROK-US alliance will prove to be a loss for the American people as well. In particular, we are deeply concerned by the mistaken cooperation between the progressives of the two countries. The American progressives are seemingly cooperating with the “progressives” of South Korea under the value of progress. However, the American people should realize that the so-called “progressives” in South Korea are nothing but. South Korean progressives are led by Jusapa, the followers of North Korean ideologies who hold strong grudge against the US. While they speak about the general human rights, they utterly ignore the grave human rights violations that are being committed in North Korea. 
Moreover, they have been inciting anti-American sentiments in South Korea to weaken the ROK-US alliance, and they capitalize on the American progressives to influence the American media and its politics. We strongly urge the US to stop assisting those who deny American values and principles. We also insist the US to bring North Korean regime followers who live and operate within its US borders, such as Minjok Tongshin(, to justice!

5. It is now time to liberate North Korea. Liberate North Korea!

The Korean War was a half-achieved victory that left the northern half of the Korean peninsula and its people under the tyranny of communists. That unclaimed territory has now become the world's most brutal slave-state. And this slave-state is now threatening the international community with nuclear weapons. It is time to declare freedom and truth in the northern half of the Korean peninsula and liberate the people from the tyranny of a one-man totalitarian regime. This is a call of a mankind for the international community, under the universal values of human rights and the responsibility to protect, to come to rescue! Liberate North Korea!

TRUTH FORUM and its members will continue to hold fast to the above statements and strive to restore the freedom and truth in the Republic of Korea, eventually to achieve liberation of our people in North Korea. We will work our way till the day when Korean peninsula stand strong on the value of freedom, liberty and justice.

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