Technology Solutions Xchange Expands Network of Telecom Master Agents with a Progressive Business Model
Technology Solutions Xchange Expands Network of Telecom Master Agents with a Progressive Business Model
  • Kim Min-jee Reporter
  • 승인 2018.03.07 12:40
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STAMFORD, Conn., March 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Technology Solutions Xchange (TSX), a consortium of telecommunications master agents, today announced the addition of BCM One of New York and DataTel Solutions of California to its growing nationwide network. TSX connects master agents and their sales partners to a growing portfolio of carriers and vendors in the telecommunications, cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) space. The TSX consortium works to inform, educate and engage their agents to better deliver services to customers using coordinated marketing and educational tools.

“TSX attracts progressive master agents that want to expand their portfolio of service offerings and address the marketplace in new and creative ways,” said Bill Patchett, Co-president of TSX and President of P2 telecom, a member master agency. “The market continues to grow with new opportunities in cloud services, cybersecurity and the Internet of Things. TSX master agents are in a unique position to work together to ensure they provide the tools that agents need to capitalize on new markets, as well as deliver new product and service offerings.”

The two newest members of the Technology Solutions Xchange, BCM One and DataTel Solutions, significantly expand the vendor base and geographic scope of the organization. BCM One, located in New York City, offers a network of agents in the northeast. In addition to a strong portfolio of telecom/cloud providers, BCM One operates an ‘Intelligent Network’ that combines services into single end-to-end packages for unified billing and management. DataTel Solutions, in Sacramento, California, offers sales enablement tools including marketing programs, training and presale engineering support to a partner base of VARs, MSPs and sales agents. DataTel focuses on creating residual revenue through a transition to a converged cloud business model.

“We have a portfolio of nearly 250 service providers that represent high-quality connectivity, cloud, hosting, cyber and IoT solutions,” Patchett added. “The Technology Solutions Xchange has a strong marketing partnership with Convey to offer our members a connected network of content and marketing portals, all designed to provide our agents with creative marketing and training opportunities to help them grow and accelerate revenue. Together with Convey we are rolling out new programs to monetize opportunities in emerging markets like IoT and cybersecurity.”

About Technology Solutions Xchange
Technology Solutions Xchange (TSX) is a consortium of master agents in the telecommunications and cloud space that offers its master agent members an expanded portfolio of connectivity, cloud, hosting, cybersecurity and IoT vendor solutions. TSX is open to progressive master agents who are committed to evolving their company by exploring new opportunities, creative ways to approach the market, while educating and developing sales partners.

Press Contact
Bill Patchett
Co-president of Technology Solutions Xchange
President of P2 telecom

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