Strategic Cooperation Between NetEase Cloud Music and HIM International Music Inc.
Strategic Cooperation Between NetEase Cloud Music and HIM International Music Inc.
  • Kim Min-jee Reporter
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HANGZHOU, China, March 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 1, strategic cooperation was carried out between NetEase Cloud Music (a prominent streaming media of Mainland China) and HIM International Music Inc. (one of the largest Taiwan-based record labels). In addition to a licensing partnership regarding music copyrights, both parties will extend further cooperation in various forms on the promotion of Chinese music, cultivation of musicians of original music and other areas, which has lately become a major buzzword in the news for the community of Chinese music.

HIM International Music Inc., as one of the largest record labels in Taiwan, is the only listed music company in Taiwan. Hebe Tien, S.H.E, Yoga Lin, Aaron Yan, Ella Chen, Selina Jen, and many other Chinese artists are under its artist management. Over the last three years, HIM International Music Inc. has been strategically partnering with Xiami Music, a subsidiary under the renowned Chinese internet giant Alibaba. Upon expiration of their agreement, HIM International Music elected to enter into strategic cooperation with NetEase Cloud Music as a streaming media startup, attracting significant attention among the music industry.

NetEase Cloud Music is a streaming media platform for music that was launched by the renowned Chinese internet giant NetEase, Inc. in April 2013. Due to unique features, such as customer recommendations, music comments, playlists and music communities, users find it more effective to discover and share music. Over the last four years, NetEase Cloud Music has manifested its rapid growth, making it stand out from other music platforms, with a current user base exceeding 400 million. According to the "2017 China Mobile Internet Report" released by QuestMobile, NetEase Cloud Music registered the highest 30-day retention rate in terms of active users in music industry. Meanwhile, NetEase Cloud Music takes the crown of the Top10 Apps used by mobile internet users in the first-tier and second-tier cities of China, proving its great popularity around China.

Apart from that, NetEase Cloud Music also earns wide recognition among international partners in various regions due to its outstanding performance of product experience and business operations. In December of last year, NetEase Cloud Music had strategic cooperation with Kobalt Music, an American music service company, which had approved copyright licenses with respect to more than 600,000 records and lyrics. These licenses cover many top artists in the international community, including Taylor Swift, Adele, Katy Perry, etc. According to Mr. Laurent Hubert, the President and Chief Revenue Officer of Kobalt Music, "The Chinese market is the next great land of opportunity for the music market as hundreds of millions of fans,especially the younger generations. They'd pay for an engaging music streaming experience. NetEase Cloud Music is a natural fit for our appetite as they have millions of young members who embrace music across the globe. Additionally, NetEase Cloud Music believes in doing what's best not only for their customers but doing right for creators as well --  the latter is something we base our ideals on as well."

As the music associates in China commented, the partnership between HIM International Music Inc. and NetEase Cloud Music reflects more than a consensus between both parties on values, market assessment and operating strategies, as this also validates the strength of NetEase Cloud Music.

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