Tascent introduces comprehensive biometric software capabilities with an uncompromising focus on usability
Tascent introduces comprehensive biometric software capabilities with an uncompromising focus on usability
  • Kim Min-jee Reporter
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LOS GATOS, Calif., March 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tascent Inc., the leader in intuitive biometrics, introduces Tascent Enterprise Suite, a refreshing new take on identity systems that makes it easier than ever for organizations to harness the benefits of biometrics.

Tascent’s new software offering provides a set of fundamental identity services, including multimodal matching, identity storage, and transactional analytics — facilitating seamless, effective identity solutions.

“Tascent Enterprise Suite is another embodiment of Tascent’s unique approach to identity systems,” said Founder and Co-CEO of Tascent, Alastair Partington. “Biometrics software historically has been complex, closed, and difficult to use. With Tascent Enterprise Suite, we’re delivering advanced biometric functionality as modular software components that are straightforward to integrate with existing systems and infrastructure. We’re doing the heavy lifting to make it easy for organizations to implement sophisticated, intuitive identity systems.”

Designed from the outset with an open architecture, Tascent Enterprise Suite unleashes the full potential of Tascent’s award-winning automated and mobile biometric devices, while also providing the flexibility to integrate other devices of choice. In addition, it can be readily integrated with existing back-end identity capabilities, biometric applications, and other third-party technologies.

Tascent Enterprise Suite includes core biometric software capabilities that allow organizations to deploy and manage biometric identity systems with ease:

  • Identity Engine: Multimodal biometric matching and identity storage
  • Identity Apps: Readily-customizable identity applications, optimized for both mobile and desktop scenarios
  • Transaction Manager: Workflow, format conversion, and auditing of identity messages
  • Device Manager: Configuration and management of devices, apps, and edge data deployed across the enterprise
  • Performance Analytics: Tools to drive actionable intelligence from identity and transactional data
  • Frameworks: Clean, modular separation of key software and device components

Tascent Enterprise Suite is available and in use today by Tascent’s partners and end-users globally.

About Tascent
Tascent harnesses the power of biometrics to enable the frictionless flow of people and transactions in a connected world. Tascent focuses on creating intuitive hardware, software, and services, providing a comprehensive toolkit for tailored identity solutions. Through partnerships, we deliver the strength of trusted identity to positively impact travel, financial services, ticketing and events, workplace access, government services, and humanitarian efforts.

While many biometrics companies offer single-modality products that are complex and unintuitive, Tascent provides complete solutions that make it easy for our partners to integrate and deploy robust, approachable, and multimodal biometric identity systems. Today, Tascent's biometric solutions serve tens of millions of people each year in some of the most challenging environments. Tascent strives to innovate and create products that address unmet needs for critical-yet-routine identity processes, making lives simpler and easier.

From our headquarters in Silicon Valley, CA to our field offices in Washington DC, Dubai, London, and Singapore, Tascent brings to life the positive power of strong identity to facilitate access for people everywhere. http://www.tascent.com.

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