GERSAN Secures Try 101 Million From GEM Global Yield Fund
GERSAN Secures Try 101 Million From GEM Global Yield Fund
  • Kim Min-jee Reporter
  • 승인 2018.03.09 01:10
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ISTANBUL, March 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

GERSAN ELEKTRIK Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S ("GERSAN" or "GERSAN A.S.") has signed a funding facility for TRY[101] million under a Share Subscription Facility ("SSF") and Call Option Agreement, (the "Agreement") with GEM Global Yield Fund, the private alternative investment group.

This TRY[101] million will be raised from a combination of instruments, TRY50 million in capital from the SSF and TRY[51] million from the Company issuing [7.1] million call options that can be exercised within three years by GEM Global Yield Fund, at the price which represents TRY[7.2] Per Share.

This new Agreement will be used to provide strength to the working capital of the Company.


GERSAN A.S., established in 1980, is a leading company in the electrical industry with 38 years of experience. GERSAN A.S. is a complete "R & D" - innovation company and produces technological electrical products. Some of our products are patented internationally.

These products hold international certificates such as GOST, IEC, BS, TSE, EN, ATA, IPH, ISO9001-14001-18001, and CE. We export to 88 countries.

Our production facilities:

  • Main Istanbul factory 7.000m2
  • Zonguldak-Caycuma production facility 46.000m2
  • Russia-Kaliningrad facility 10.000m2 on 36.000m2 area (Governmental investment support till 2032)
  • Oman facility 5.000m2 with Governmental support

We have showroom organisations in Dubai, Nigeria, Kazakhistan, Latvia, Qatar.

Our main fields of operations are;

Busduct Systems;

  • 25-6300A LV Busduct systems
  • 36kV MV Busduct systems
  • IP 55 & 68 protection class

Distribution Panel Systems;

  • ASTA certified for 5000A 150kA-1sc,

G-Bus Industrial Automation Control

  • International Patented PLC power line communication automation

LED Lighting Systems

  • Co-Branding-OSRAM,
  • Face recognition and matching software,
  • Smart Street Light Automation Systems,

AC / DC / Wireless Electrical Car Charging Systems,

Cable Management and Support Systems,

Earthing Systems,

Underfloor Trunking Systems,

All products and productions are ISO, IEC, EN, ENEC and CB certified.

About GEM:

Global Emerging Markets ( was founded in 1991. GEM is a USD 3.4 billion investment group having completed 375 transactions in 68 countries. The firm is an alternative investment group that manages a diverse set of investment vehicles across the world. GEM's funds include and have included : CITIC-GEM Fund, Kinderhook, GEM Global Yield Fund, GEM India and VC Bank/GEM Mena Fund*.
(*GEM exited both its LP and GP stakes in Q1 2010.)

For more information, please contact:

GERSAN ELEKTRIK Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S

Aude Planche
28 Cours Albert 1er, 75008 Paris

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