Harex InfoTech, Launching “Medical Fintech Service”
Harex InfoTech, Launching “Medical Fintech Service”
  • Yeon Choul-woong Reporter
  • 승인 2018.03.22 11:57
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Harex InfoTech(Park, Kyung Yang, CEO), through an alliance and one-year trial service with Pohang St. Mary’s Hospital, opens Medical Fintech Service, providing users with one stop medical service from the hospital to the drugstore with easy mobile payment capabilities for the first time in Korea.
Medical Fintech Service combines medical services of the hospital and the drugstore and “UBpay service”, the User Centric Fintech system from Harex InfoTech Inc. The UBpay service handles all related processes, such as payment for treatment, confirming & transferring the e-prescription to the drugstore, and even payment for prescriptions using a smartphone, bringing a sensational change on the current medical service system and its current inconvenient processes.

To use the service, users sign up for Medical Fintech Service at the front desk or through the mobile app of Pohang St. Mary’s Hospital. A user who already uses any UBpay app (or allied app) can immediately use the service with the payment tenders they already have registered within the UBpay app.

With Medical Fintech Service, after treatment, the user simply pays the bill from anywhere, using the UBpay (or allied) app and simple authentication (PIN or Biometrics). No need to wait in the long line at the payment desk at the hospital. Additionally, the user can confirm the e-prescription in the smartphone app after the payment. Moreover, if the user chooses a drugstore in the app, the service system automatically sends the user’s e-prescription to the designated drugstore and can then simply pick up the prescription at the drugstore with advanced payment made in the same way the hospital treatment bill was paid. By doing so, it drastically reduces the user’s inconvenience by eliminating long waiting times in both the hospital and the drugstore.

The Medical Fintech Service also innovatively enhances convenience for senior and handicapped users by offering the service that their guardian (family or relatives who register for this service) can not only make the payment for treatment and prescription bill, but also pick up the prescription on behalf of senior or handicapped using the integrated secure authorization checking system.

Medical Fintech Service is currently available with both the Pohang St. Mary’s Hospital app and the UBpay app. Users will not need to download any other hospitals app that adopts the Medical Fintech Service because users will be able to use the Medical Fintech Service with any UBpay allied apps (powered by UBpay), such as “SUM Bank app” from Busan bank. 

Any hospital that wants to adopt Medical Fintech Service can start the service within a month with almost no investment. In fact, the hospital will enjoy multiple benefits, such as cost reduction by issuing no paper prescription and reduced merchant fees. At the same time, users visiting the hospital feel more satisfaction and convenience from the service.

Harex InfoTech along with the launch of service at Pohang St. Mary’s Hospital, plans to expand the service territory to the numerous general hospitals showing considerable interest in the service.

Harex InfoTech Inc., a pioneer of Fintech, announced the first mobile card payment system in the world in Silicon Valley in April of 2000, and holds the most critical patents applying to nearly every step of mobile card payment services, multi-factor authentication systems combining with PIN and biometrics, payment, cash out and remittance services with mobile and the user centric payment platform shared with alliance partners. Harex InfoTech currently supplies its customized services to alliance partners that include financial institutions, merchants, social-media providers, and various other service providers. Harex InfoTech shares its own platform of user centric payment with its allied partners, opening a whole new world of shared service.


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