PHARMAGEST INTERACTIVE : 2018 first-quarter revenue
PHARMAGEST INTERACTIVE : 2018 first-quarter revenue
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Villers-lès-Nancy, 16 May 2018 - 6:00 p.m. (CET)


2018 first-quarter revenue rose 12.2%,
maintaining the momentum of 2017

€m - IFRS 15 Q1 2018* Q1 2017 Change
Revenue 34.59 30.83 + 12.2%

* unaudited

The new standard IFRS 15 is mandatory for periods beginning on or after January 1, 2018. IFRS 15's impact on restated 2017 first-quarter revenue (€35.42 million) resulted in a change of €4.59 million, with the Fintech Division accounting for 99% of this amount. Its impact on the other businesses is not significant on a restated quarterly basis.

At 31 March 2018, Pharmagest Group had consolidated revenue (IFRS 15 restated) of €34.59 million, up significantly by 12.2% from the 2017 first quarter (€30.83 million).

On a pro forma basis, like-for-like revenue (i.e., not restated for IFRS 15 and excluding the CAREMEDS-MULTIMEDS and AXIGATE acquisitions) rose 7.6% from last year's first quarter.

Operating highlights:

  • The Pharmacy - Europe Solutions Division (77% of Group revenue) got off to an excellent start for the year (+8.1%). Ramping up commercial momentum of the Pharmacy France Business Line has paid off (+7%) while the Pharmacy Belgium and Luxembourg Business Line benefited from the robust rollout of its management solutions for B2C/B2B pharmacy networks, notably OffiCentral, OffiDistri, OffiHome (+55%).
  • The Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division (13% of Group revenue), boosted by AXIGATE's integration, registered growth in sales of 35.3%.

Pro forma, revenue for this Division remained steady as the restructuring measures for this integration mobilised the historic operational teams.

  • The e-Health Solutions Division (8.5% of Group revenue) registered growth of 17.4% in the 2018 first quarter, driven by experimental projects (notably eChronic-eNephro and the 36 more months at home programme) plus contributions from acquisitions completed over the last two years (NOVIATEK at 01/07/2016, SAILENDRA at 01/01/2017 and CAREMEDS/MULTIMEDS at 01/02/2017).
  • The FinTech Division (1.5% of Group revenue): restated for IFRS 15, sales for this Division rose 37.4% Not restated for IFRS 15, Q1 2018 and 2017 gains for this Division remained comparable.

2018 outlook:

In line with its strategic ambitions, Pharmagest Group is continuing to develop its coordinated "patient centred" approach based on:

  • comprehensive and interconnected software solutions for Pharmacies, Elderly Residential Care Facilities, Hospitals at Home, and Hospitals making it possible to share information among all participants in the healthcare chain;
  • knowledge and continuity in care across pathways, facilitating the patient care process while contributing to a global economic management of the healthcare system;
  • the confirmed and legitimised role of pharmacists in coordinating shared information: the full confidence of patients in pharmacists as their "first point of contact for health" has been reaffirmed (Avenir Pharmacie survey - April 2018).

This "Patient-Centred" model based on a single healthcare platform is today attracting increased attention and interest in all European countries faced with the same healthcare challenges. In line with the recent acquisition in Italy, Pharmagest Group will pursue initiatives in 2018 with other European partners to consolidate and deploy its dedicated global "Patient-Centred" ecosystem.

Financial calendar:

  • Annual General Meeting, 28 June 2018, 5:00 p.m (CET) at the Company's registered office in Villers-lès-Nancy. The Company reminds readers that it will propose at the Annual General Meeting the payment of a dividend of €0.75 per share for fiscal 2017, an increase of 15.4% from the previous year.
  • Publication of H1 2018 revenue: 2 August 2018.
  • Publication of H1 2018 results: 21 September 2018.


Pharmagest Group is the French pharmacy information technology leader, with a market share of more than 41% and more than 1,000 employees. The Group's strategy is based on a core business of improving healthcare through information technology innovation and developing two priority areas: 1/ Services and technologies for healthcare professionals, with a focus on assisting pharmacies in patient medication compliance; and 2/ technologies for improving the efficacy of healthcare systems.

To roll out this strategy, Pharmagest Group has developed specialised businesses, including pharmacy IT, e-Health solutions, solutions for healthcare professionals, solutions for pharmaceutical laboratories, connected health devices and apps, and a sales financing marketplace.

These businesses are divided into four divisions: Pharmacy - Europe Solutions; Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions; e-Health Solutions and Fintech.


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